“Look forward to the final decision of jiangsu investigation”

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 17, China Women’s News published a short commentary on the jiangsu provincial government’s decision to set up an investigation team to investigate the case of a woman who gave birth to eight children in Fengxian county, saying it expected the investigation in Jiangsu to be finalized.Today, the Jiangsu provincial party Committee and government decided to set up an investigation team to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the case of a woman giving birth to eight children in Fengxian County.Jiangsu’s decision helps clarify the focus of public opinion and respond to social concerns.We hope to find out the truth as soon as possible, severely punish the illegal and criminal acts in accordance with the law, hold those responsible accountable, release the investigation results to the public in a timely manner, give justice to the victims and give the public a definitive conclusion.At the same time, we believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, the women will receive careful medical treatment and the children will receive warm care and grow up healthy and safe.Source | @ China women’s news