In this warm Spring Festival, every family in Songjiang is enjoying a warm Spring Festival

2022-05-08 0 By

Li Chunfang is songjiang Shihudang town dongxia village people, the original conductor, has retired.Over the years, the village has built a new house, li Chunfang and other 150 families have moved in.The Shihulang Town Government and the Rural Revitalization Operation Platform of National Enterprises established a “youmi” industrial community, including catering service, farm, tea shop, script tour and other forms of business, enabling Li Chunfang to find a new job at home.Li Chunfang said, “Now I walk to work every day, the surrounding scenery is good, my colleagues are all villagers and neighbors, we are like a family, happy every day.Before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, youmi was officially opened. Villagers welcomed the Spring Festival and had a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner in advance.