In simple recipes, cardamom can work differently with ginger, turmeric or ginger

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Cardamom is a functional spice and a favorite in a variety of recipes.Meat Chloe common USES, in addition to enhance aroma, it also can improve the food flavor, can also be used to promote the formation of ingredients after stew taste, such a kind of common spices, after different ginger on collocation, the effect of it will become different, such differences to like to use a small amount of spices, friends recipe simple spices recipe,Very practical.Ginger, in our common ginger spices, it appears the highest frequency, use with cardamom, can mainly play the following effects.The first is on the low fat ingredients, ginger can promote the cardamom aroma into the better.Secondly, ginger has a soft texture that can lead meat. This texture can be supercombined with the texture that cardamom promotes waxy taste, so that the food material can get a soft and waxy taste.Ginger, its aroma is relatively up, but the aroma is also relatively fresh, after using it with nutmeg, then the effect and ginger will have a big difference.First of all, for the food with high oil content, the combination of ginger and nutmeg can better adjust the greasy feeling.Secondly, ginger with nutmeg, for the effect of improving the freshness of nutmeg, can play a gain effect.Finally, the permeability of ginger itself is not strong. In the heavy fat ingredients, cardamom can borrow the permeability of oil to drive ginger into the food, so as to enhance the adhesion of ginger.South ginger, although its aroma than ginger, ginger filling, but its aroma composition is in fact significantly better than ginger and ginger, so south ginger with nutmeg, the level of aroma will be rich.The aroma of southern ginger also belongs to the fresh type, it is matched with nutmeg can also improve the ability of nutmeg freshness, but there is a difference with ginger, is the combination of southern ginger and nutmeg aroma, it gives a softer feeling.Ginger with nutmeg can also play a role in regulating the greasy feeling, and the role is stronger than ginger.