“I’m a kindergarten teacher, you’re just a doorman

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The occurrence of the epidemic again and again shows that it has not left us, so everyone should strictly follow their own requirements to do, can not give the opportunity to spread the virus.Why should I be like those people who think they are better than everyone else, just like a normal person who needs a health code?This kind of person, inferiority to the extreme, even if he said again ugly, also can not hide the heart of not confident.Guangxi Zhuang Baise City, a woman entered the community, was asked to show the health code, the woman refused to cooperate with the community’s prevention and control work, until the security refused to open the door, it was reluctant to open the health code to show the security.The security guard could not see clearly and let her go forward, but the woman was impatient, she got out of the car and said to the guard: “You are a guard, why don’t you allow me to enter?”With that, she handed the guard her health code.It was late at night, and many people were sleeping, and the guard whispered, “Can I stop you?”A yard is a yard. Don’t be so loud. You’ll disturb people.The woman starts to leave, but as if she’s not finished venting, she turns around and says, “Oh, I’m a kindergarten teacher and I can’t even get a health code?”I paid you to guard the gate. Why are you so rude?I don’t give you money. You can stay here?I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house, you let me in, I can’t go in?What the woman means is that she is the owner of the property and no one can stop her. The most important thing is that the other party is not stopping her, but following the normal procedure and checking her physical condition.According to other residents of the community, this woman is indeed a preschool teacher, she later in the owner group to the security guard to show their “war results”, several owners have persuaded her to apologize to the security, the result was in the kindergarten to dismiss.Many civilians also began to help, with money and power, resources and resources, power and power, all with one goal: to bring the plague under control as soon as possible so that everyone could get back to work and life.This woman, who claimed to be a kindergarten teacher, did not follow the usual prevention and control measures. How could she become a teacher?