Excuse me: weak spot product list 10 strong, which beautiful white weak spot product effect is good?

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According to investigation the female of 95%or so cannot escape color spot “evil claw”, but the female is beautiful with skin immaculate bai tender naturally!Therefore, many women continue to try a variety of freckle removal methods, but the effect is not ideal.The truth is: laser, picosecond, folk remedies and other freckle methods to treat symptoms rather than the root cause, how freckle to do both specimens?The spot to be successful, the use of products is the key, the spot spot product is the most safe and effective way, here recommend pale spot ranking top 10 products, face a spot of jimei can not miss oh ~, luca fe spot her suit as the saying goes good product itself will talk, it is not false, luca fe her popular new this spot suit since listing,We all recognized the product, the effect is certainly not wrong!Its main components are natural herbal essence extract and nicotinamide, in freckle, whitening at the same time can also water, skin care, really break the traditional freckle product effect single disadvantage, is the representative of freckle products.In addition, it is also approved by the State Food and Drug Administration “makeup special brand” freckle products, which is the recognition of product effect and safety, but also the protection of consumers!Draw key: this suit is not only effective to bask in spot, chloasma, freckle, senile spot, pregnancy spot, radiation spot can also be eliminated.Its texture is very refreshing, available throughout the year, do not want other products with the four seasons change skin care products also need to be replaced, this is a no problem economic and practical freckle products.Ii. I don’t know if Jimei has used this product before. It adds whitening ingredients in the previous traditional moisturizing version, which can effectively inhibit melanin generation, brighten skin tone, and improve the dullness and tanning of face.The collagen also helps moisturize the skin, making it more elastic.Draw a key point: although can restrain melanin generation, prevent spot aggravation, but to already existed spot, desalt effect is not quite obvious.This is also known as the light bottle, L ‘Oreal series of fairy essence, the main ingredients nicotinamide, 377, ellagic acid, the main role of anti-black, whitening, exfoliating, whitening ability is not particularly strong, but the effect is quite comprehensive.But this is not good for sensitive, red, dry skin.It is more suitable for large oilskin. It may be uncomfortable to use for a long time and stop using in time.Contains salicylic acid, not recommended for pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation.Light spot product list 10 strong, which whitening light spot product effect is good?The above three effects are good, but we must choose suitable for their skin, want to summer white into a light, we in addition to professional whitening light spot products, but also do sunscreen oh!