Dare to go after Chinese pandas?Us lawmakers suddenly burst into a frenzy over a bill that has the country in an uproar

2022-05-08 0 By

According to guancha.cn, on February 14, US politicians have recently gone beyond the limits of anti-China sentiment by pointing the finger at the cute and cuddly Panda, claiming it is “a tool for China to soften its authoritarian image”.Nancy Mays, a Republican member of the HOUSE of Representatives, went so far as to say that pandas born in the United States should stay in the United States.February 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of china-us “panda diplomacy”, the report said.On February 21, 1972, then-US President Richard Nixon visited China and was warmly welcomed by the Chinese side.Pandas Ling-Ling and Hsing-hsing were sent to the United States as ambassadors of friendship.At that time, it was recognized as an epoch-making gesture of friendship by the people of the two countries.However, today, 50 years later, it has become the “tool” of the New York Times deliberately smearing China.On February 13, the New York Times declared that the pandas, “serve as goodwill ambassadors for China”, “soften the country’s authoritarian image” and draw attention away from its record of “human rights abuses”.In early February, Nancy Mays, a Republican member of the Us House of Representatives, introduced a bill that would prevent us-born pandas from being sent back to China.Nancy Mace said she was unhappy with the “panda diplomacy” policy of returning panda cubs.The U.S. House of Representatives says any giant panda born in the United States should belong to the United States.She also suggested that the United States should seek coordination from Allies to establish cooperative panda breeding programs.Moreover, she declared, China could not use pandas as a cover for “inappropriate behaviour”.But the legislation faces a tough road in the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Democrats.In fact, for Nancy Mace’s operation, anyone can see that this is to “anti-China.”Some experts say that the ultimate goal of these ANTI-China politicians in the United States is to objectify the image of China’s diplomacy in the eyes of the United States and change the favorable impression of the American people on China.These anti-China politicians are running out of ideas, so they are targeting the Chinese panda, which has impressed most people with its cuteness.It’s worth noting that Nancy Mace’s proposal did not go down well with American netizens.On foreign social media apps, many users directly accused the US senator of “not doing his job”.”Seriously, we have far more serious problems than sending pandas back to China. I hope our Conservative politicians can focus on getting America back on track,” one user said.Another user directly exposed The sinister intentions of Nancy Mays, saying she was just “fighting China” in any way she could.In addition, in 1982, due to the deterioration of the living conditions of pandas in the wild, the number of pandas gradually decreased, out of the long-term consideration of the protection of pandas and the reproduction of the species, China decided to stop giving pandas to foreign countries.And China stopped giving pandas to the outside, and the panda “soaring prices” has nothing to do with.While $1m a year in rent may seem expensive, it is not something China has “grabbed to enjoy”.In fact, as the other side of the cooperation, China has to invest more human, material and financial resources in the breeding and protection of pandas.The panda is not only a “national treasure” of China, but also welcomed and loved by people around the world. It serves as a messenger and bridge of friendship between China and other countries, and promotes cultural integration and people-to-people exchanges between China and other countries, said Hua Chunying, then spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Meanwhile, as a flagship species in the field of wildlife conservation, giant pandas also play a positive role in promoting global biodiversity conservation.