China’s Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong took the gold and silver, while Liu Shaolin was disqualified for foul play

2022-05-08 0 By

Chinese athletes Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong swept the gold and silver MEDALS in the men’s 1,000-meter short track speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympics.The Hungarian players Liu Shaolin and Liu Shaang are of Chinese descent. They are half Chinese and often go to the northeast for training, so he has a mouthful of the Northeast Dialect.No wonder the netizens said that this competition is full of northeast flavor, but short track speed skating is always full of drama, this final, ran twice, the first race in the fifth lap, was stopped by the referee, because found a blade on the ice, veteran Wu Dajing was exhausted.Second after the start, all the lead, carry the flag of the Chinese title, and in the end of all, cb won the silver medal, Wu Dajing won the fourth place, and Hungary liujia two brothers, although the strength is very strong, but unfortunately a crosscutting shao-lin liu a collision, not only foul got a yellow card, achievement has been canceled, Liu Shaoang won a bronze medal.Short track speed skating gave me the biggest feeling today, just don’t do anything, don’t get in the way, otherwise you never know who is the champion.Ren Ziwei wears the national flag after winning the gold medal.The crowd cheered. It was the second gold medal for Ren ziwei, who has a chance to win gold in five events.No wonder netizens say ren ziwei is too hard – working model.