Yuan universe authentic company is which

2022-05-07 0 By

In 2021 as the first year is called the “yuan” the universe, we see technology companies and capital markets have layout yuan universe, open new digital network, the universe has become 2022 the year of the tiger “good start” hot word, so yuan universe which company currently doing – in addition to the familiar, meta, baidu and tencent technology giants such as Microsoft,After careful consideration, Guangzhou Arui Interactive has started the journey of creating “meta-universe” platform and joined the ranks of meta-universe companies.As we all know, VR/AR/AI and other technologies are the core and key to the creation of the meta-universe. As a VRAR technology research and development company for 15 years, Guangzhou Sinoray Interactive has mature and advanced core technology advantages.The decentralized, social, virtual, economic, low-latency, digital and other features of the metasemes create a more immersive, participatory, social media platform for entertainment, work and learning.The industry accumulation of Guangzhou Huarui Interactive for many years has referable scenes in digital space, virtual avatar and UGC platform, which can meet the rapid construction and real twin of the meta-universe platform.The meta universe platform of Guangzhou Arui Interactive supports VR/AR/WEB/ mini program and other multi-terminal and multi-person online operation, so that everyone can enter the virtual world with diversified styles and images, create, share and trade content, and obtain efficient educational, learning, work and entertainment experience.The continuous breakthrough of AR/VR/MR, intelligent data center, 5G high-speed network, IoT and other technologies will detonate the comprehensive development of the universe. The company of the universe guangzhou Huarui Interactive also looks forward to cooperating with you.