When the family gathered for the Lunar New Year dinner, the grandson secretly removed the grandfather’s stool, causing the grandfather to fall on his head

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All say “the next generation close”, for the old, “children and grandchildren around the knee” nature is the best.They all hope that a noisy family, with children’s laughter, can also fill their inner loneliness.Old people treat their sons and grandchildren differently.When they treat their sons wrong, they scold them either by mouth or by hand;And treat their grandchildren, eyes full of love, reluctant to say more reluctant to beat, the child is their hands in the heart of the baby.Even when children do something out of line at home, they are forgiven to the greatest extent.It is the Spring Festival, a time for families to get together.The house was filled with the sounds of children laughing, cooking and cooking in the kitchen, and adults laughing and talking, all of which represented a happy family.Such festive time, life will inevitably produce some small episodes, let a person ridiculous and hateful!This is not, the year is not over, grandson let his own grandfather “sit empty”, is really unexpected ah!On February 3, 2022, a netizen in Chaoyang, Liaoning province posted a video from his home surveillance, which clearly showed the whole process of a family having a meal.As you can see from the video, the family’s family conditions are really good, and the noble furniture in the home is particularly dazzling.And the dining table also appears to be particularly creative, the middle of a similar to the heat pot in the hot pot restaurant, eating hot dishes to be particularly convenient.Watching them enjoying their meals, we, who were separated by the screen, had to be affected by the happy atmosphere of family reunion.The picture shows that while the family is enjoying the meal, the grandson secretly removes the stool made by the grandfather when the grandfather gets up to pick up the food.In a short while, the unwitting grandpa finished the dish, but sat empty, fell all over the ground rolling.Looking at grandpa when the action, it can be imagined that the fall is not light.When the son saw what was happening, he quickly got up and pulled his father.Surely this old man fell, certainly let the people around the family are hanging, afraid of the old man what situation.The father will certainly scold the child for his behavior.Netizens have different views on the content of the video, although it is a farce created by a “bear child” in life, but many netizens have many views on it.Some netizens questioned the benches they were sitting on: Why were all the young people sitting next to them sitting on chairs with backrests, while only the elderly people sat on hard benches?Another netizen observed from the video that before the old man fell, two people next to him seemed to observe that the bench the old man was sitting on was gone.Therefore, a lot of people ridicule: what a cold family.After all, people are old and can’t stand the fall. If something goes wrong, who can blame a child?Many people have commented that this is very dangerous for children, and for the elderly, a fall can lead to a fracture.Xiao Wu conclusion First of all, Xiao Wu is here to warn you: parents must teach their children well from an early age, even if the relationship between grandfather and grandson is good, also want to educate them to respect the elderly, pay attention to the old man’s body, can not appear in the video children do this kind of careless behavior.Second, the problems on the stool in the home, I think, actually it is not necessary to from such a small problem ponder the family psychology, can see from the video: the old man sitting opposite the two young people also sit without back of a chair stool, is likely to pick a seat before eating, didn’t pay attention to such small details.Thirdly, for the problem of the two people beside the old man who did not do anything when the child removed the stool, I think: from the video, it can be seen that the two people beside the old man did notice when the child removed the stool, but it was not as many netizens said.If you look closely, you will notice that the two men did not expect the old man to sit down at that time. When they saw the old man was still picking up the food, they motioned to the boy and said, Put the stool back.I understand it like this, but I also think that the family did something wrong. If they had scolded the child at that time, immediately told the old man and supported him, did not let him sit for the first time, and then sat down after putting the stool back, there would have been no such unexpected scene.Finally, even farce has happened, as a bystander of us, should not go to the family of the family have any malicious comments.Because what you are seeing is only a small part of the video, maybe it is not the case, and what we should do is pray for the old man in our hearts: may he be ok and healthy.What do you think?