Rare Michelangelo paintings are expected to fetch up to 30 million euros at auction

2022-05-07 0 By

A rare drawing by Italian artist Michelangelo is set to go under the hammer in The French capital on May 18, with an estimate of 30 million euros.Christie’s said in a statement April 5 that the sketch is an early work by Michelangelo and dates to the late 15th century.Sold in Paris in 1907 as part of Michelangelo’s school, the painting was long forgotten until 2019, when Christie’s authenticated it as Michelangelo’s own work and is now in the possession of a French collector.The painting is one of fewer than 10 Michelangelo masterpieces on paper in private collections, according to Christie’s specialist Stein Alstyens.The main body of the picture is a naked man, a copy of another Italian master Masaccio’s fresco figures.Michelangelo highlighted the muscles of the characters on the basis of copying, so that the characters appear more robust, reflecting his signature style of depicting the human body.Michelangelo drew another figure on either side of the man as a foil.Mr. Alstyens said the painting shows Michelangelo’s desire to create his own style while learning from his predecessors.Previously designated a “national treasure” by the French government and banned from leaving the country, the painting was only recently removed from the national treasure list, allowing collectors around the world to buy it, Christie’s said.Source CCTV news client editor Long Hairuo editor Tian Minjia Yang Tao