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At 11:18 on the first day of the New Year, hangzhou Canal Grand Theater’s “Only This Green” hangzhou station officially opened tickets.The show was sold out in less than seven minutes.On the New Year’s Eve of the Year of the Tiger in 2022, people once again saw the phenomenon of “breaking walls” and “going out of circles” of traditional Chinese cultural and museum aesthetics.The dance epic “Only This Green” became the highlight of the CCTV Spring Festival, which was watched by hundreds of millions of viewers, igniting the audience’s enthusiasm.Praised by viewers as “extremely beautiful” and “beautiful crying”, the show quickly became a top search, sparking a wave of online sharing and sharing.This scene, and last year’s Henan Spring Festival Gala “Tang Palace Banquet” circle, almost the same.The same dance tells the story of cultural relics, the same creative overlapping, the same through the Spring Festival Gala platform is not lack of attention.If the success of “Tang Palace Banquet” is accidental, “Only this Green” “copy” success, seems to prove that: continued “out of the circle” this cultural and expo heat, has mastered the flow password.On the stage of “Only This Green”, when the dancers in the updo in blue dress dance, “stunning and antique” is almost the common feeling of all the audience.Look further down, moving to follow.The dance “Only This Green” tells the story of a young researcher from the Palace Museum who “travels back to the Northern Song Dynasty” to see the famous northern Song Dynasty painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” created by wang Ximeng, an 18-year-old genius painter, from the perspective of the “exhibition person” through seven chapters of “exhibition scroll, ask Seal script, sing silk, find stone, learn brush, quench ink and enter the painting”.Due to time constraints, CCTV spring evening is presented in “only this green” a group dance segment, the expression is the painting of the mountains.The green color in “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” is abstracted into the female characters on the stage.As the dancers take on different shapes and posture changes, they are simulating mountain peaks.The details of the dance also restore this symbolic meaning.The dancer’s towering headdress looks like a stone in a Panorama of Rivers and Mountains;Meng Qingyang, who plays the female lead “Green”, started the first modeling with sagging sleeves, like the texture of the mountain, which can also be imagined as a mountain waterfall.It can be said that only this Green presents the audio-visual feast of “every frame is a painting” for the audience.Female “green” dancers double sleeve drooping, like mountain texture, and mountain waterfall.In the eyes of the insiders, the most important reason why “The Only Green” is to restore the artistic conception of “The Picture of A Thousand Rivers and Mountains”.”The famous painting” A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains “has provided a fairly mature art mother, its exquisite color, composition of the majestic, rich implication, itself is a great aesthetic enjoyment.”The Only Green” almost reproduces the artistic conception of the picture, and this respect for traditional culture has also been richly rewarded: the dance drama naturally shares the aesthetic level of the picture.Poetic drama and painting are essentially different kinds of art.’Only This Green’ successfully achieves this artistic transformation, realizing the connection of qi veins.”This successful “transformation” of artistic aesthetics also has something in common with last year’s “Tang Palace Banquet”.The dance “Night Banquet in Tang Palace” tells an interesting story about a group of tang Dynasty female music officials on the way to the banquet in the shape of tang Terracotta figures in the museum.The 14 dancers wore jumpsuits stuffed with sponges and cotton in their mouths to reflect the plump figures of the Tang dynasty.The crescent-shaped makeup at the corners of their eyes also reproduced the “slanting red makeup” popular in the Tang Dynasty.The audience seems to see a group of real Terracotta warriors of the Tang Dynasty, “resurrected” on the stage.The dancers in Tang Palace Banquet reproduced the “slanting red makeup” popular in the Tang Dynasty. Whether it is only This Green or Tang Palace Banquet, many viewers lamented similar sentiment: “The national treasure is really moving!That’s Chinese culture!”There is no lack of audience shouted: “Please Spring Festival Gala according to such program standards roll up.”The same: the arrival of the revival of traditional culture “Tang Palace Banquet” last year, “only this green” this year followed its top.Looks, seems to be a former inspiration and reference.In fact, it is a “coincidence”.The Only Green was launched three years ago.The Only Green is produced by the Palace Museum, China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co LTD and People’s Daily Online Co LTD.In 2019, China Oriental Performing Arts Group intends to create a work that showcases the charm of traditional Chinese culture.The creative team considered “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” and “Han Hee-jae Night Banquet,” but chose “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains.””Because the vast rivers and the rolling mountains in the painting are full of rhythm and have something in common with dance.”To write Only This Green, the directors first studied the Map of Thousands of Rivers and Mountains, and then read almost all the poems and paintings of the Song Dynasty.Chief producers Zhou Liya and Han Zhen once revealed that it took more than a year to create the drama, and five months for the production and production. The team had discussions with experts from the Palace Museum many times.Finally, after nearly a year and eight months, “The Only Green” was officially staged.The only Green has already won approval from the market before its debut on the Year of the Tiger Gala.Since its first “exhibition” at the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in August 2021, Only This Green has been performed more than 50 times in 16 cities including Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, gaining popularity and reputation.On the xiaohongshu social networking platform of Meng Qingyang, the actor of “Green”, many fans left messages asking when there will be a performance of “Only This Green” in their city.What’s more, from the premiere to the tour, the creative team has been collecting audience feedback to revise and adjust the dance.”There is no final version of ‘Only This One Is Green,’ only the best version,” Zhou said.From original ideas, to elaborate early creation, and then to the continuous adjustment after the performance, “Only This Green” finally ushered in the Spring Festival Gala.The famous painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” unfolds in a different way on the stage, which also makes modern audiences feel the peak experience of Traditional Chinese aesthetics.Some viewers commented: “After watching the program, old tears flowed freely. The traditional culture was the most touching thing in the heart.The vigorous and heavy guqin and the firm and soft dance make the picture of a Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains most incisively and vividly, as if back to more than 900 years ago, I saw the 18-year-old Wang Ximeng working hard to create.”Back to The Banquet at tang Palace.On the way to the banquet of the tang Terra-cotta girls, in the lively and witty play of the girls, such cultural relics and national treasures as fu Hao Owl statue, Lotus crane square pot and Jia Hu bone flute appeared interlacing on the stage.Tang Palace Banquet also incorporates elements of a Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains.From Night Banquet in Tang Palace to Only This Green, modern art teams have sought inspiration from ancient national treasures and formed scale effect, which also shows the arrival of a traditional culture Renaissance era.Cultural confidence: The revival of seeking roots and innovation for the new century, through the dancing “Terracotta Warriors of tang Dynasty” and “Green”, also lit the audience’s inner cultural confidence in traditional Chinese culture again and again.”With what cultural confidence?Based on the best of traditional culture.”Audience Tang Nan after watching “only this green”, so evaluation, “this is the quality of Chinese culture, the nation is the world.Meng Qingyang, the leading actor of “Only This Green”, explained his “green” part.”A pure freehand role, like the ‘A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains’ a green color of the spirit, the interpretation of the need to open the imagination.This dance is no longer a woman’s soft beauty, more to see a majestic thing, representing the precipitation of traditional Chinese culture, a kind of atmosphere, but also represents our cultural confidence.”It has become common sense to bring to life the relics in museums, the heritage displayed on vast land, the words written in ancient books.Since the birth of creativity, the Banquet in Tang Palace and Only This Green are all beneficial attempts to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional Chinese culture.The success of “Tang Palace Banquet” and “Only this Green” is also the interpretation model of cultural relics “come alive” and “move up”.Cultural relics carry splendid civilizations, carry forward history and culture, and maintain the national spirit. They are important resources for enhancing cultural confidence.In 2021, Chinese archaeology will mark its 100th anniversary.In 2022, standing on the occasion of the new 100 years, the culture and museology craze is constantly “breaking the wall” in various ways.Whether it is the Night Banquet in Tang Palace or only This Green, what goes out with fire is not only the excavation of national treasure, national style and national trend, but also a journey of seeking roots and innovation from the homeland facing the new century.

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