Red Star news reporter: gold medal produced why not raise the national flag to play the national anthem?So that’s it

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On February 5, the first day of competition after the official opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, six gold MEDALS were awarded, including the mixed team relay in short track speed skating for China.While spectators were eagerly expecting to watch the “flag raising, national anthem” ceremony and to see the actual appearance of the Winter Olympics MEDALS, they found that there was no medal ceremony after the game, but instead a souvenir presentation ceremony.Team China participates in the souvenir presentation ceremony after the mixed short-track speed skating relay at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.On the evening of February 5, there was once again jubilation in the capital Gymnasium when the announcement of the result confirmation and the gold medal clinch popped up on the big screen.After the game, the athletes rested for about 20 minutes before returning to the court.The Chinese team members hugged and took a photo together, Shouting “China team will win”, full of momentum.Then, the scene of the souvenir presentation ceremony.Compared with the medal ceremony of the Summer Olympics, the souvenir ceremony of the Winter Olympics is much simpler. Instead of gold, silver and bronze MEDALS, the winning athletes receive a mascot souvenir. There is no flag-raising or national anthem ceremony.This surprised many viewers who were not familiar with the Winter Olympics.In fact, it is not that there is no medal ceremony in the Winter Olympics, but people are more familiar with the Summer Olympics, so they do not understand the rules of the Winter Olympics.It is customary to hold an award ceremony for the winning athletes at the competition venue immediately after the games.After the End of the Winter Olympic Games, the ceremony of awarding souvenirs is usually held in the stadium first, and then the ceremony is held in the medal plaza for the winning athletes. Before and after the ceremony, cultural performances and other cultural display activities will be held.Beijing Awards Square will run from February 6 to February 19, and will undertake the medal presentation ceremony of 32 events in Beijing, alternating with the award ceremony in Zhangjiakou Awards Square.So from tomorrow, the medal ceremony will be held in sequence, then you can see the Beijing Winter Olympics MEDALS.Beijing Olympic cross-country skiing women’s double chase, Norway’s about sea in figure according to IC, won the first gold medal of Beijing Olympics Photo according to the red star news reporter understanding, of the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympics presentation elements, including podiums, placed the tray, the tray table, winning athletes customised version mascot souvenir, bouquets and etiquette clothing.Among them, the award ceremony clothes should not only present the dignified and generous image of the etiquette staff, but also meet the requirements of cold protection and warmth.During the match, the lowest temperature in the awarding square of Zhangjiakou competition area is likely to reach minus 30 degrees Celsius.The theme of the Beijing Winter Olympics is “Together for the Future”.The production of the podium, award tray, award tray and other materials also fully reflects the sustainable development.The object stand is a special element of the “contactless” award ceremony, in line with the overall requirements of the IOC for the contactless award ceremony.According to the official in charge of the operation team of zhangjiakou Awards Plaza, compared with previous Winter Olympics, the “athlete moment” will be added during the awarding ceremony of The Beijing Winter Olympics. After winning the MEDALS, the athletes will be able to interact with their families on the stage via a screen, which lasts about 20-30 seconds each.This link has appeared in the Tokyo Olympics, in the Winter Olympics is the first time to use.From the podium to the costumes of the ceremonial staff, from the stage background to the bouquet of flowers, there are strong Chinese elements in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. It is believed that the global audience will feel the charm of Traditional Chinese culture when watching the award ceremony.Li Bo, special correspondent of Red Star News, Wang He, reporting editor in Beijing (download Red Star news, reporting materials have prizes!)