Headphone price difference 5 times, wired HiFi/ true wireless HiFi exactly how much difference

2022-05-06 0 By

OPPO has officially announced the release of its Enco X2 true wireless noise-cancelling headphones on February 24, but a video showing the sound quality of the headphones has become the focus of the industry.This video selects wired earphones priced at 50 yuan and 5,000 yuan to PK with OPPO Enco X2, OPPO’s new flagship true wireless noise-cancelling earphones with sound quality, and invites 15 performers from China Central Ethnic Orchestra, the largest comprehensive national music performance group with the most complete ethnic instruments at home and abroad, to blind test and score.After the blind listening, the players of China National Orchestra praised the sound quality of OPPO’s new flagship earphone, saying, “It is really good for Bluetooth earphones to do this.”Graph: the central national orchestra Meng Xiao graph: the central national orchestra Ding Xiaokui, after carefully listen to the voice is very sensitive in these performers are also gave his opinion, youth lute player Meng Xiao considered “low frequency to more moderate, pipa melody, can hear clearly high frequency, but less Fried.Young percussion player Liu Kai mentioned the problem of “sound consistency”, and OPPO Enco X2 performed well in this area: “For example, tambourine is really our tambourine basically the same sound”.Ding Xiaokui, a young wind player, paid more attention to the details of sound: “The third headset (OPPO Enco X2) heard folk music, and there was a fake demo of Xiao, which was not particularly clear from the first two headphones.”In the final vote, the difference between OPPO Ecno X2 and the wired HiFi headset priced at 5000 YUAN was only one vote. Considering the price difference between the two products is about five times and the difference in product form, Li Chao, deputy chief of The China National Orchestra, said, “I don’t think the sound quality of the third headset is much worse than the second one.”The OPPO Enco X2 is the industry’s first studio sound quality product to introduce the concept of hi-Fi to wireless headphones. The OPPO Enco X2 will lead the TWS real wireless headphones to officially take the first step of “real wireless Hi-Fi”.