Give up illusions and stop arch fire!Russia draws red line for UK, US, NATO border offers strongest “card”?

2022-05-06 0 By

According to media reports, as the United States and other countries continue to “arch fire” on the Russia-Ukraine relations, the two countries have not been easy to smooth relations, now once again into a deadlock.The United States says Russia will launch an attack on Ukraine on February 16.NATO countries immediately called on their citizens to leave Ukraine.At the same time, The European “aid” to Ukraine has not forgotten, many countries “reinforcements” have arrived in Ukraine, there are a large number of weapons in Ukraine, and among them, the UK contributed the most, also became the second “stirring shit stick” in the tense relations between Russia and Ukraine.Russia has called on Britain to stop.Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the current level of Russia-UK relations is close to zero and it is necessary to stop escalating tensions between Moscow and NATO, global Times reported.Shoigu believes that the fundamental cause of the current tension between Russia and Ukraine and the military and political tension in Europe does not lie in Russia, but is caused by a variety of reasons. The West should make changes to ease the tension in Europe and stop supplying weapons to Ukraine to avoid further escalation of the situation.The Russian side stressed that Russia has no intention to attack anyone, and the European accusations are groundless. Instead, it is NATO’s increased military activities on its territory and economic support for Ukraine that pose a serious threat to Russia’s national security.The United States, Britain and other NATO countries are still going their own way and challenging Russia’s bottom line.Russia, never a soft touch, has recently made a big move, biting back at Europe.The Russian air force has made a surprise announcement recently that mig-31K fighter jets carrying daggers hypersonic missiles have appeared in Kaliningrad province and completed a training exercise near Europe, according to Reference Information network.Kaliningrad is an important region bordering Poland and Lithuania, according to experts who compiled the map.In fact, Russia is drawing a red line to NATO, showing its attitude and sending a warning to other countries.The US media pointed out that as Russia’s trump card weapon, “Dagger” speed missile can reach 10 times the speed of sound, the range of 2,000 kilometers, plus it can be equipped with nuclear warheads, the European defense system cannot perfect defense capability.As Russian reserve Navy Colonel Konstantin Sivkov put it: “Daggers can actually cover the whole of Europe, reaching deep into Germany, France, Italy and all European NATO countries.”For this reason, the US media used words such as “nervous” and “worried” when introducing the reaction of European countries, which made the us feel confused.In response, Russian military expert Vladimir Popov stressed: “Russia shows that it is ready for self-defense, not war.”It is worth noting that on February 14, Russian presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov also said that it would be a more meaningful response to Russia’s concerns if Ukraine made it clear in some form that it would abandon NATO membership.