This is what Huangjiabu town and Dayin Town are doing

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“Horse racing” in a line as work record today, let’s look at yellow home port town, the town of great saphenous unity of awake up Horse racing record yellow home port town fully activate new kinetic energy at the beginning of the New Year, high quality and economic development of ningbo jie made cosmetics packaging products co., LTD. At the completion of more than 1000 ten thousand yuan construction at the same time, in 6000 ten thousand yuan to introduce new equipment,Speed up the construction of digital workshops, and lay a foundation for building a global beauty industry base based on digital and intelligent manufacturing, as well as an industry benchmark smart factory integrating warehousing, logistics, production and exhibition.In Huangjiabu town, many industrial enterprises strive to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter, to fully activate the high-quality economic development of new momentum.Huang port town for the further implementation of the city’s “horse racing” catch to carry out the spirit of the special operation arouses congress, quick action, careful deployment, the first time held the whole town “unity of awake up Horse racing record “special operation arouses congress, in 2022 the annual key work decomposition, clear objectives and task time limit, etc.,We should speed up the construction of projects, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the improvement of the core competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, and reshape the new drivers of high-quality economic development in the spirit of “making breakthroughs”, “innovation” and “doing”.In recent years, Huangjiabu Town has adhered to the principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, improving quality while maintaining stability, making up for weak points and improving quality. In 2021, the industrial added value above designated scale increased by 20.4% year-on-year, ranking the fourth in the city.The added value of high-tech industry was 930 million yuan, up 21.6% year on year, ranking the fifth in the city.The investment of fixed assets was 480 million yuan, up 11.9% year on year.In 2022, the town will further strengthen the status of “No. 1 Project” to attract investment, carry out “investment around the chain”, and strive to attract a number of flagship, complementary and supporting high-quality projects that play a key role in the industrial chain, and strive to cultivate new driving forces for economic development.The town ensures the completion of the Wanyang Small and micro enterprise Park project and the fire protection industrial park project on the south side of zhonghe Road;Promote the daily cosmetic container project of Jelis Shengchuan Company, pressure vessel project of Zhejiang Zhengyao Company, room equipment project of Shangpin Company, fire fighting equipment project of Zhengxin Company and intelligent toilet project of Shunjie Company to start, strive for early production, so as to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.How to forge longboard in “specialization, specialization and innovation” is a problem that the Party Committee and government of Huangjiabu town have been thinking about.In view of the historical and new opportunities of hangshao-Ningbo integration and qianwan New Area construction, the town actively encourages enterprises to improve the level of digital and intelligent development by classification, vigorously supports and guides enterprises to research new technologies, develop new products and explore new markets, take the road of “specialization and innovation”, and improve the ability of innovation and development.In 2022, the town plans to add 5 national high-tech enterprises, 9 national science and technology smes, Ningbo science and technology smes 12, “specialized special new” enterprises 2, “small liter” enterprises 4.At the same time, the town firmly seize the “No. 3 Reservoir” small and micro park platform, focus on cultivating a number of small but fine, small and specialized, small and beautiful potential enterprises, fully activate the new driving force of high-quality economic development.Grab at the beginning of the dry effect of the hidden town riveting foot “tiger strength” sounded the horn of prosperity for all the people, “the company has been fully into production since the eighth day of the first month.This year, we strive to exceed 1 billion yuan in annual output.”Recently, the big hidden town in the “help business off to a good start” field visit, Ningbo Shengjiu Technology Co., Ltd. to the town organ cadres said, the company’s assembly lines are running, workers busy in their respective posts, riveting foot “tiger strength” rush orders, strive to achieve the Spring Festival resumption of work and production “off to a good start”.The city’s “race for the first” grasp the implementation of the special action mobilization conference, The town of Hidden immediately respond, forward planning, initiative, with the “not to retreat, slow to retreat, not innovation will retreat” belief, grab the whole ningbo urban development, “western development” development opportunities, accelerate the creation of the whole beautiful people rich first town.”We will adhere to the principle of ‘focusing on the big, the strong and the small, supporting the small and helping innovation’, and promote the early implementation of projects such as sheng Jiu Academy.At the same time, we will strengthen the transformation of science and technology, speed up the construction of digital industry, and strive to increase the total Internet economy of enterprises and the added value of the core industry of digital economy by more than 10% annually.”Great saphenous town, said an official with the relevant industry and town domain, to actively develop and expand the real economy, accelerate the construction of projects, the implementation of the “half astern into three” “vacate basket change a bird” action at the same time, making modern agriculture, deepen the agricultural sector “machine substitution”, strive to build brand characteristic agriculture, swallow the farmland water conservancy construction, promote the “production quality”.To deepen all-area tourism, speed up the construction of yundryland Park complex project and Zhangshan Tourism expansion and promotion project, and create a standard tourism system integrating Tianxia Yuyuan Cultural sightseeing Area, Yunhan Zhangshan Agricultural and tourism experience Area, forest reservoir health and leisure area, and Eastern Zhejiang Xiaojiuzhai ecological landscape area.Urban construction has always been an important way to improve people’s livelihood in Dayin Town.”This year, we will further optimize the structure of the road network, focus on optimizing the spatial layout and infrastructure, promote conmeaning development, refined management and humanized services, and provide a more comfortable living environment for villagers.”The person in charge of the urban construction office of Dayin town said that this year, the town will promote the efficient connection between the village path and the main road of the town, and gradually realize the space opening and function implantation.At the same time, we will strengthen the ecological environment control system of “three lines, one single line”, such as the red line for ecological protection, the bottom line for environmental quality, the upper limit for resource utilization, and the ecological environment access list. We will carry out comprehensive land improvement across the region, and implement the construction of zhangshan New Village sewage pipe network.Source: Shirong Media Center reporter (correspondent) : Zhang Hui, Yu Lidan Editor: Xiao Qi