“Qiu Jiangling: Starting from Dachang”

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The beauty of Tianjin Hedong dialect lies in its direct expression and regional characteristics.For example, the word “drum up”, originally refers to “overdo oneself” and “reckless work”, but in Sichuan and Chongqing area, the meaning is obviously richer.As teacher Qiu Jiangling criticized in this article, “refreshing and clever” seems to be a natural act of “love of beauty”, but actually it is a foolish act that goes against the natural laws.In my hometown, there is a local word called “drum up”.For example, “Each of the dolls has only one handle (small in size), and you have to pick up 120 kg from the bump or sprain.””The box is already full, and you still need to think about how to stuff things into it.There will be consequences, and even serious consequences, when we do heave and scrape, heave and scrape and scrape (” heave, whole, scrape “is the universal verb of the old family).Recently, I heard the word “drum up clever” on the street and almost laughed out loud.”Guai” here is not an adjective, but a verb, meaning to be beautiful.There are two ways to think about “refreshing”. One is that I haven’t been refreshing myself (regardless of age), just thinking about making myself beautiful.Second, the years do not rao, but to drum up tender, lovely.In both cases, it’s probably female, and if there’s a male “just papered up”, it’s kind of gross.There is nothing wrong with girls or aunts being pampered. Love of beauty is an attitude towards life. It should be praised for valuing yourself and respecting others.Love of beauty is also a life skill, to know what beauty is, how to be beautiful.Aunts’ drum – up, mainly in makeup, clothing on the heart.It’s important to be age-appropriate and not self-defeating.It is not that the more tender you are, the more beautiful you are. Middle-aged women have their own charm and charm. If you dress well, it is also very beautiful.Written on September 2, 2013 qiu Jiangling, “60 male”.Researcher of Culture and Tourism Commission of Wanzhou District, Chongqing.Member of Chongqing Writers association.He used to be a middle school teacher and teaching and research member. Many achievements have been awarded by municipal (provincial) government and education Commission. He has published more than 20 teaching papers in national and provincial journals.For many years, he served as a representative of the municipal and district people’s Congress and a member of the Standing Committee of the District CPPCC.Willing to road, longer than with notes of interest, literature and history in university journals published many local history papers, the “three gorges dance” and so on many cultural creative projects be born in the city park plaza, prose anthology “from big prosperous”, in the chongqing morning post dragon frame newspaper “the three gorges literature” “wushan literature” “two rivers and beautiful” and so on newspaper (net) published prose, essays, published dozen,Song “Huang Ge Ballad” (lyrics) broadcast on CCTV “Avenue of Stars”.