Property to watch in the song Coco Tohai Shepherd

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Is the shepherd in the song coco Tohai Shepherd a rich man?When the shepherd was singing a song about missing his sweetheart, he sensed a small problem: the shepherd fell in love with his sweetheart at first sight.But the woman in the song doesn’t seem to have any feelings for the shepherd.Now I’m going to use business reasoning to analyze the economic implications of a similar life situation.Question: How many sheep does the shepherd herd?Is it enough to meet the property standards of a wealthy farmer?There are farmers inside the agriculture pig raising cattle raising sheep, these breeding behavior is very normal work.But if you raise a small number of sheep, you can’t count as a breeder.The number of sheep raised by a person in a pastoral area should be dozens of sheep to be considered as grazing work.So what’s the market price of a sheep?Another is whether the market demand is very strong, and another is whether the sales price of the year’s sheep of the woman in the song that the coketohai shepherd has his eye on has hit a downturn.Another question is whether the woman in the song is a little averse to the poor, seeing that the shepherds in Kokohai raise a relatively small number of sheep and the price of the sheep is low in the market.”The wine I make does not make me drunk.” What are the raw materials of wine making in pastoral areas?There are two conditions to analyze, one is a low alcohol wine, and the other is is this shepherd an alcoholic?A man who has nothing to do all day and only knows how to drink, if only knows how to drink, such a man should not have a lot of feelings, and another woman would not like to marry a drunkard.If in order to express their love to women, patronize their own drinking expression of love is wrong ah!Erring on the side of selectivity, the woman in the song should have been helped to do some real work.Or do something like send a sheep, but after listening to the song of Coco Tohai shepherd, did not hear this shepherd give a sheep to the so-called sweetheart.Presumably the shepherd’s sheep were not his own.That is, a man with few possessions who bills himself as a future worker (not only a factory worker, but also a rancher).Another question is how much do you get paid to herd sheep each month?Why did the woman in the song marry out of town?It is possible that Erie must have had a more affluent life than Cotohai, and that shepherds in Cotohai were not able to give their so-called lovers material goals to aspire to.Or it could be that the monthly income from grazing is just enough to cover the shepherd’s own living expenses.Can also see the Erie and cocoa tohai between the regional price difference is relatively large.The material standard of living is not at the same price.Another thing is that there are many camel bells in the distance in the song, which proves that the transportation system in the area where the Koktohai shepherds live is not very good. If the transportation is not convenient, the large vehicles cannot enter the area, which cannot drive up the price of agricultural and pastoral products in the area.The resulting market sales will appear to have a price without a market.The price of the shepherd’s sheep would not be too high, nor would the economic benefit.It is not easy to sell sheep’s processed products because of inconvenient transportation.Not up to the current social standard of well-off living.A shepherd’s standard of living could not have been higher.Said there’s another thing is the shepherd’s lover can’t sing song to shepherd a drunk, the economic value of this song is higher, more than before when my old friend always can’t sleep, eat a lot of sleeping pills also of no help, cocoa sea shepherd is long snack, don’t go to sheep, the song tell about people who can’t sleep, copyright fee income a little songs.You can also make some money without herding sheep, and then give the money you earn from the song copyright to that sweetheart.That woman is also likely to find their own economic value is relatively high, not to marry to yili, with that song independent business is not very good?Camel bells outside the Yurt again, hypnotic songs!That woman was married to Ely.Obviously the shepherd is lovelorn!The other way around is when a person is trying to support another person while not making any money.It’s probably a little unrealistic!There is no pure spiritual life of love, the foundation of love is the reserve of strong enough material basis.After all, coketohai shepherds have discovered their potential market value!The only way to win a sweetheart is not to sing a song, but to find a way to get money, the way to get rich.If Koktohai was richer than Erie, there would be no need to wait for you in Koktohai!Sweetheart, I am waiting for you in cocoa tohai, that sweetheart is giving birth to a child to another man, you are still waiting for her to come back, you such a man is not breaking up a married family?And even if the woman of heart returned to the shepherd!What do you feed her with?Let her drink her own wine with the men who work sheep?You know how to make wine. Why don’t you sell wine?Custom shepherd brand of low alcohol wine for sale!Married for the second time!Save your breath!Or think of ways to earn more money to go, with money, it is possible to look back on that person but in the lights dim.Or the shepherd may become another woman’s love!There are a lot of economic resources in this song, but they are not used well.In fact!Money is around, need to understand the management knowledge of the line ah!4. I will wait for you in Koktohai. Once I have money, my sweetheart will come running back.