Corn market “ready”, 2 major factors “help”, 3 major factors “alert”!

2022-05-05 0 By

Corn, one of the three main grains in the agricultural market, has maintained the upward trend despite the impact of weather and primary grain sources.What’s the follow-up?Two factors help corn end prices continue to “rise”, three vigilance need to pay attention to!1, 2 big factors 1, chemical fertilizer price factors immediately entered the spring ploughing season, from the market price of chemical fertilizer, the current price is still relatively high.In this regard, the input costs of last year and the inventory status of this year show that the prices are basically under saturation. Under the influence of national policies, the price of fertilizer keeps rising in the international market, and energy is also in a state of shock. As for the increase of agricultural input, new price requirements are put forward for grain prices.As a result, corn prices have become inevitable.Based on the above analysis, with the increase of planting costs, grain growers will sell at a higher price, and closing the warehouse will also drive up the price.2, the recent weather weather is “snow,” recently, the market has also been a certain influence, stuck in traffic, the arrival of the goods of the vehicle is reduced, the past number of car prices, sleet caused food store, from a certain extent, alleviate the pressure of selling, the market sales have been linked with years ago.Affected by the weather, especially after the start of spring, the corn market may usher in certain price changes, mainly the following two changes need the attention of the majority of food and agriculture: First, dry and wet grain price differentiation is obvious.Produced the polarization current quality of corn, from the beginning, to the current inventory at the grass-roots level, selling pressure, under the condition of wet and dry food division is obvious, as selling gradually reduce, the early stage of the keep of food also gradually go goods, therefore, by the end of the year, the tide of grain will be reduced gradually, dry food will gradually play a role, further widening price gap.Again, the current market appears snow price rise, stop snow fall, and the subsequent temperature will gradually warmer.Although the current rain and snow weather has led to a decrease in the number of arriving vehicles in Shandong, and the price has not changed much, there are certain risks in the follow-up. After the rain and snow weather, the temperature will gradually rise. If the storage mode is improper, the quality will change greatly, and the price will drop sharply.2, 3 big alert 1 and sale amount of focus on time in order to avoid food lead to market confusion, should be timely to sell as soon as possible, the reasonable planning of good selling time problem 2, corn storage on the whole, the early corn volume small, the market there is more food source, wait to focus on quantity and cause prices to fall.With the gradual decrease of grain sources at both ends of purchase and sale, the quantity of tide grain is basically sold out, while the advantage of dry grain is reduced. Therefore, in the case of relatively high market reserves, timely attention should be paid to price changes.3, the market for the construction of corn warehouse storage, the market has been in a state of uncertainty, especially in the recent, under the influence of a variety of factors, the price of corn began to increase, in the market in the tide grain and dry grain alternating condition, is the best state of the construction of the warehouse.Based on the above analysis, the corn market is still “ready for growth”, but influenced by other grains, such as soybeans, corn is still popular and competitive.