Are gout patients more likely to develop kidney stones?Gout patients should do these 4 things to prevent kidney stones

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Gout, a common and particularly complex type of arthritis, is a crystal-related arthropathy caused by deposits of mononaturate.To control the acute attack of gout, the uric acid level in the body should also be reduced.In addition, it is necessary to protect kidney function because many gout patients have kidney stones.Gout is a disease that affects kidney function, so it is important to understand the relationship between gout and kidney stones.Why do many gout patients get kidney stones?Kidney stones are caused by abnormal accumulation of crystalline substances such as calcium oxalate in the kidney. There are many types of kidney stones, one of which is uric acid kidney stones, which are caused by excessive uric acid.Patients with gout are often accompanied by hyperuricemia.Uric acid is very high in the body.There’s no way to get it out of the body completely, and it builds up in the kidneys, making uric acid concentrations in the kidneys very high.High concentrations of uric acid can deposit in uric acid crystals, which over time can develop into kidney stones.Therefore, patients with gout should pay attention to the protection of kidney in daily life, prevent the occurrence of kidney stones, improve the quality of life, and keep healthy.How can gout patients prevent kidney stones?1. Drink more water If gout patients want to avoid kidney stones, they should drink more water in daily life, at least 2000ml of water every day.Only drink more water, can urinate more, so that the excess uric acid in the body with urine excretion, so that uric acid drop, not easy to form kidney stones, so the purpose of preventing kidney stones can be achieved.2. Patients with gout who do not smoke and drink should quit smoking and drinking from the day gout is found. These two bad lifestyles have a great impact on the health of patients with gout.Drinking alcohol, in particular, does not contain much purine, but it increases uric acid, which increases the risk of kidney stones.For patients with gout to prevent kidney stones, abstaining from alcohol as soon as possible is a top priority.3. Do not indulge too much in diet. Patients with gout need to control their diet in daily life and stop eating foods with high fat, high purine and high salt.Live low in salt, fat and protein to prevent uric acid from rising.Gout patients can eat more alkaline food, can reduce the concentration of uric acid, such as kidney beans, Onions, tofu and so on.Don’t be too arbitrary about your diet. It’s better to know what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat first, and then pay more attention to it in your life, so as not to suffer from an acute attack of gout.It can also prevent kidney stones from developing and prevent you from suffering more for no reason.4. Keep exercising. Many people think gout is a form of arthritis, so try not to exercise if you want to control it.In fact, such thinking is biased.People with gout do have periods of inactivity.This is the acute episode.The acute episode should rest more, avoid joint movement as far as possible.We should stick to physical exercise on weekdays to make bones healthier, physical condition stronger and body resistance higher, which is also helpful for the treatment of gout.Conclusion: Gout is closely related to kidney stones, and many patients with gout suffer from kidney stones.We hope that all gout patients should pay attention to kidney protection and prevent kidney stones while managing their own situation well.These 4 things are easy to do in your life to not only help your disease, but also prevent kidney stones.