“When it’s time to go!

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“When it’s time to go!After the new round of epidemic, as a party member of 23 years, Mo Jianwei, full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Public Security sub-bureau of Linping District, came forward, and he took the initiative to go to the centralized medical observation point with the largest number of isolated people and the largest workload in the city.There are about 500 people quarantined in this centralized medical observation point. How to manage the services of so many people?This is the question That Mo Jianwei has been pondering.”When people come to strange places, they are inevitably a little nervous,” Mo said with empathy. “It’s the end of the year and the beginning of the year, and it’s easy to get emotional.”During the intensive observation period, some people did not visit the house according to the regulations, did not wear a mask, refused to take nasal swab due to discomfort, and had emotional instability.Mo jianwei believes that centralized medical observation points have “hard bars” in epidemic prevention and control, but management details can be reasonable, effective, moderate and “human touch”.”The frequency of illegal visits is relatively high,” Mo jianwei said, staring at the form carefully. “Point to point docking, to see where the problem lies.”In the process of fine management, by analyzing data and integrating resources, the violators and families with high frequency are mastered so as to understand the actual situation and provide solutions.”Some people do not understand the rules, such as a family living in a flat, which is supposed to be separated from each other, so they mistakenly believe that families in the flat are allowed to visit.”Mo explained that such situations require further clarification of policies and regulations, and offered professional guidance for staff.”There are also special cases where the quarantined people are in their 90s or physically handicapped, and their families will visit them every day because they are worried,” he said.Mo jianwei said that special groups need family care, so he suggested to the working group that, after assessment by hospital experts, the room should be adjusted without affecting epidemic prevention and control, and people in the same family should be regrouped and provided with daily necessities, so as to fundamentally solve the problem.”The whole mechanism for dealing with violations should be closed loop, and violations should be cleared every day.”Mo Jianwei introduced.Specifically, it is found violations immediately after the call to do a good record, and through video playback to understand the real situation;Telephone the first time to understand the reason of the violation;Unable to contact or violation of the rules again, the door to inform.For violations found on that day, closed-loop management must be implemented through the above channels, and daily clearance must be achieved.”New Year flavor” message brought love interaction “outside the snow fluttering, open the door wear masks;Wipe the mouth with oil after meals, the most easy to forget to wear masks;Masks block germs and keep people healthy…”This doggerel is one of Mo jianwei’s “works”.”Now is the Spring Festival, for the concentrated quarantine personnel, I thought to use a more acceptable way to remind, many people will reply after receiving, so it has an effect!””Big five good, I wish you five blessings gathered, for your health, the mention also have to mention: corridor risk, be sure to be in the room;It’s not right to visit. If you hurt someone, you hurt yourself…”Starting from New Year’s Eve, Mo jianwei paid New Year’s greetings to the people in the quarantine center for eight consecutive days. He gave New Year’s greetings without repetition and provided preventive suggestions. His colleagues jokingly called him “the poet of the quarantine center.”Set up in our observation point “‘ love the interactive group, open 24 hours telephone lines, satisfy the isolation of individual needs, such as milk powder, appliance repair, etc.,” MoJianWei said, “at the same time, in view of the previous violations personnel daily push warm text messages, to take” the festival atmosphere “way to remind them to obey the rules.”On the sixth day, one of the families relaxed their sense of precaution and visited to watch the women’s football match, but was dissuaded by the staff.In the evening, Mo Jianwei timely with the “Taste of the New Year” SMS warm prompt, the party hurriedly replied “not for example, take warning!”Another form of “reunion” from safety tips to psychological counseling, intimate and full of fireworks management services, deeply moved the staff and quarantined people.For the objects of concern and special groups, Mo jianwei carried out a telephone visit every two days, so as to know the actual needs and exchange their cooperation with sincerity.Mo Jianwei and Yao Jialin, the auxiliary police, gave full play to the ability of the old mediators to correct the violations of the quarantined people from their own safety and the health of their families. The quarantined people cooperated very well.As of February 8, more than 150 people have been corrected for various violations and more than 1,000 warm reminders have been sent.Since January 28, Mo Jianwei has been on duty for 12 days in a centralized isolation point. He missed the Spring Festival reunion with his family, but ushered in another form of “reunion”.”What moved me most was The New Year’s Eve,” Mo said with emotion. “I felt warm from the sound of blessing. Everyone’s heart was together.”There are currently 207 people working in the health, street and property units at the central quarantine point, and they are all working together to spend this special time.Concentric war “epidemic”, waiting for spring to return to the police and the people hand in hand to create peace