The coffee track has gone crazy, with more than 50,000 outlets, and China Post has an amazing imagination in selling coffee

2022-05-04 0 By

Single store valuation of 100 million, coffee track crazy.With more than 50,000 outlets, China Post has an amazing imagination selling coffee.The coffee track has a most unexpected player – China Post.China’s first post office coffee shop, Post Office Coffee, opened in Xiamen on February 14.From the stores, the familiar retro green scenery and the iconic post boxes are full of Chinese postal colors.In terms of products, there are American style, latte and cappuccino, the cheapest one is 22 yuan.The imagination of the post office seems astonishing when it sells coffee.Previous data showed that China Post, relying on its advantages in urban and rural areas and covering the whole country, has nearly 9,000 solicit-investment departments, 54,000 branch offices and 420,000 cooperative posts and Tesco sites with complete information systems.Starbucks has more than 5, 000 stores in China and Luckin nearly 6, 000.At this scale, post Office coffee would be the first in the country.China Post officially entered, can be called the hot coffee track another ray of miniature.Back in 2021, the coffee track was still crowded with investors — a few square meter coffee shop with a rumored valuation of more than $15 million.M Stand’s post-financing valuation also reached 4 billion yuan;Three and a half tons, easily valued at $4.5 billion.Behind the madness lies the conviction of almost everyone that China will have its own Starbucks.In this day and age, you never know who you’re going to play next.