Miss Hilton is seven months pregnant!Beautiful in a flowery dress, playing boy for the Rothschilds?

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Nicky Hilton recently attended various events with her third baby bump. As the daughter-in-law of the Rothschilds, Nicky Hilton is still not satisfied with the birth of two daughters.Nikki, as the second miss of The Hilton, is a wealthy family in her own right, allied with the Rothschilds.Nicki, who is seven months pregnant, showed off her socialite charm at a pre-Oscars party on March 26.A, Miss Hilton’s latest pregnancy wear modeling features: print skirt;Bohemian pregnancy styles can go from very comfortable to very feminine.Like the recent high-profile pregnancy show queen Rihanna, is a variety of belly exposed, big show sexy.But Nikki’s pregnancy style is actually more useful for us ordinary people to learn from.Rihanna’s exaggerated pregnancy outfit, wearing 10cm high heels every day, looks very tired!Nicky attended the Oscars eve party, chose a very Bohemian print dress appearance, and Nicky this time is also stepping on 10cm heels, Hilton miss Paris is getting married late, and Nicky is about to become a mother for the third time, the two sisters rhythm is a little bit different.Nicky uses a belt to outline her waist. Despite her huge tummy, nicky looks very slim, with her arms and legs very thin.Nikki with shining high heels, a sense of nobility, Hilton miss Nikki has been as high-profile as her sister, in fact, such a low-key personality is more people like it!The dress has a slit in the hemline to show off Nicki’s long legs, as she has been on the move since her third child.The day before the event, a tight look, is another style.Two, Nikki’s charming sexy pregnant women wear modeling features: leopard pattern;For the second day in a row, Nikki is in great shape.Keeney’s leopard print wrap dress of the day showed off her curves.And such leopard pattern, and increase the whole of the wild feeling.Actually Hilton 2 young lady gives a person the feeling of a kind of great lady all the time, try such sexy style, or very rare.The whole skirt is made of velvet fabric. The elastic fabric is suitable for pregnant women.Can wear more tight, as long as the overall fabric comfort is higher, not strangling the stomach on the line.Miss Hilton’s third baby bump is even more noticeable in this sheath dress, but when viewed from behind, her waist is still very slim.With her dazzling style of red lips and nails, Nicky is more than a star.However, nikki’s style is mostly loose, still can show sexy and charming ah!In fact, Nikki still likes comfortable style, attended the fashion show a few days ago, an ice blue dress dress is super amazing, low-cut and waist design is very chic, although a stomach, but also does not affect the pregnant woman show tight waist ah!Like this chameleon dress, the lantern sleeve design is also very dreamy, making Nikki look like a royal princess.In fact, I prefer miss two’s style of dress, more in line with the aesthetic of the public.Miss Hilton is seven months pregnant!Beautiful in a flowery dress, playing boy for the Rothschilds?Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!