In Songyang, Lishui, Zhejiang province, young men born after 1995 love to raise these plants and earn more than their working wages

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Songyang “95” after the guy with their own adhere to and efforts to develop hobbies into a career to extend the interest to the characteristics of management through his skillful hands a sucky “suddenly changed” into a costly “art” sucky is a very magical plant, and other plants, it is changing all the year round.This is said by Tao Xubin, a young man born after 1995. In his succulent garden in Songyang, there are thousands of succulents with hundreds of varieties.The plant had a special fascination for the boy.”I first learned about this kind of plant when I was in the third year of high school. Once I happened to see my aunt, the dormitory administrator, placing POTS of succulents on the balcony, and I found this kind of plant very interesting.”But tao Xubin, a young man from Jinhua, didn’t spend much time on succulent at that time due to his heavy high school studies.In 2016, Tao Xubin was admitted to Lishui Vocational And Technical College, majoring in forestry technology, which gave him enough time to cultivate his hobby. Without neglecting his studies, he started to raise meat like crazy:Outside on the windowsill, shoe rack, air conditioning is filled up with more meat, even put all have no, small dormitory became TaoXuBin “more meat breeding base”, is less a few dollars, more than a few hundred dollars a bowl, “some relatively rare species, some species is not easy to reproduce, these are the cause of much meat price difference, but see their favorite more meat,I want to buy it no matter how expensive it is.”Tao said the cost of raising succulents is still high, but he would not be stingy with his wallet to satisfy himself.Tao, who was still a student at that time, did not have enough money, so he used his spare time to make money by setting up stalls and doing part-time jobs. Most of the money he earned went into buying pork.”Sometimes I earn more than 5,000 yuan a month from a part-time job, of which 4,000 yuan is spent on meat.”Because of his love for succulents, Tao hopes to open a succulent garden and devote himself to succulents after graduation.But turning a hobby into a career is a very difficult thing, especially for fresh graduates, it is even more difficult.”My mother was against it. She wanted me to get a good job.”Due to realistic considerations, Tao Xubin went to work in a pottery company in Songyang after graduation, where he harvested his love and fell in love with a Songyang girl.The shelving of his dream did not reduce his passion for meaty, but like a blazing fire burning in his heart, Tao Xubin secretly made up his mind: he must open his own meaty garden.In 2019, Tao Xubin set up his own family.When he told his wife he wanted to start his own business, he expected her to oppose it as his mother did, but instead she fully supported it.With his wife’s support, Tao decided to take action for his dream.To this end, he changed his job and took a job in his college major, which paid more but was also more intense and stressful.Driven by dreams and love, Tao Xubin opened his succulent breeding garden at the beginning of 2021.To this end, his wife quit her job and took care of the business of the meaty garden full time, while Tao Xubin worked in the company during the day and dealt with the work of the meaty garden at night and weekends.”Forestry survey work is very hard, and it involves going up to the mountains to collect samples. During that time, I used to go up the mountains all day in the daytime, come back at night and continue to work in the succulent garden until 10 o ‘clock, and stay here all day on weekends.”Tao xubin said.Succulent farming is not like an assembly-line operation, but requires skill and experience.Different varieties of succulence culture method, each plant needs to be treated carefully, to control the shape of the succulence, often need several months of cultivation, this time also need to pay attention to moisture, soil, temperature control, sometimes control for a long time succulence, did not get the desired effect.Tao dives into the farm as soon as he gets off work every day, often working late into the night.Tao Xubin and his family were overwhelmed with joy when a baby girl was born in April last year.Tao Xubin, who has just become a father, has no time to pay attention to the meat in the garden. That is, during that period of time, it coincided with the plum rain season, leading to the meat in the garden was soaked by rain, and most of his efforts were destroyed.However, regret is useless, Tao Xubin packed up the mood, sorted out the remaining can continue to feed the meat to continue breeding.Last September, After a four-month hiatus, Tao got back on his feet when his new shop, Orange Succulent Horticulture, reopened at the flower market in Shennongdiangang, Songyang County.Focusing on the future to let more people know about meaty horticulture in management, Tao Xubin offline and online both take into account.In front of the Orange Succulent Garden shop, the place is full of varieties of succulents, the store is even more beautiful, thousands of different shapes of succulents neatly arranged on the shelves.Tao Xubin also carefully for each strain of succulent “identity label”, such as antler begonia, ping Pong Fu Niang, fire fox, money sucking tree, to buy people in an endless stream.The network is also tao Xubin’s main battlefield.Online Tao Xubin hit “boutique meaty”, is meaty micro bonsai.”Once I was pruning the fleshy part, I found it was perfect for bonsai.I tried to clip it out and put it in a small pot to keep it for a while, but it was very beautiful, so I was really interested in it.”Fleshy, if not to do, is a kind of plant that will grow unchecked, but will it right after pruning, control type and will be up toward his own thoughts, it grows in the shape, they want to transplant it to the pot, fill some of the rocks, mosses adornment, repass TaoXuBin dab hand is dressed up, became a miniature landscape artistic conception far-reaching.Tao’s unique ideas and creativity during his years of succulent farming have made him famous in succulent circles.In Tao’s meaty garden, a black curtain hangs on the wall, where he takes photos of his satisfied creations and uploads them to online community platforms to share his meaty life.His efforts paid off, and his caressing succulents also brought him a handsome profit.Since opening last September, his “Orange Succulent Gardening” shop has raked in more than 100,000 yuan, more than his regular salary.Tao Xubin said that it is a very happy thing to turn my hobby into a career and give full play to my strengths in this area