How to add sprints after LSD training runs

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On weekends, runners are either on long distances or on long roads.Long distance jogging is one of the most commonly used running methods of runners. It is mainly to keep jogging for a long time at a low intensity. It is one of the effective ways to improve runners’ aerobic basic endurance.Pulling LSD once a weekend has many benefits for runners.However, LSD training alone is not enough to improve endurance of runners, and may have the following side effects.Side effects of LSD training 1. Slow pace, which affects the improvement of running speed.LSD training is characterized by long sessions and slow pace, so after a long period of practice, the trainer’s body becomes more and more accustomed to the slow pace.If the trainer suddenly wants to speed up, the body will become noticeably lazy and uncomfortable.2.LSD training does not stimulate anaerobic systems.The training intensity of LSD training is low, and the body of the trainer is mainly aerobic work for a long time, lacking stimulation to the anaerobic system.3. Weaken the rapid contraction ability of muscles and reduce the explosive power of muscles.Long time, medium and low intensity endurance training will increase the slow muscle fiber in the muscle, at the same time, the ability of nerve mobilization of fast muscle fiber is reduced, so the rapid contraction ability of the muscle is decreased, explosive power is affected.So, to avoid these side effects, a perfect way to increase endurance is to add a few sprints to your LSD training run.How to Add Sprints after LSD Training Runs Sprints are sprints at your maximum speed, which can stimulate the body’s maximum speed and increase your running speed.Sprint runs are more intense, so the following principles should be followed when training for sprint runs.● Sprints do not need to be done alone, but at the end of LSD training, 3 to 6 times a week, which also saves time.● Generally speaking, sprints are divided into two types of training, time-based training and distance-based training.When sprint running ability is insufficient, then each training according to the time training, control in ten seconds to one minute.Generally, a sprint lasts no more than 2 minutes.● Multiple sets can be repeated, the ratio of sprint to interval time is 1∶2 or 1∶3, which means that if you sprint for 20 seconds, you need to do the next set of about 40 seconds, and if you sprint for 1 minute, you need to rest for 2-3 minutes before doing the next set.● Take breaks, or jog or brisk walk instead.