How much does it cost to study in Macao?

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Students and their parents are forced to consider the cost of choosing a university in Macau.Comprehensive university of Macao tuition fees, and its study in Macao when the cost of living, choose Macao, expenses than China Hong Kong colleges and universities less, but still higher than the mainland colleges and universities.There are also great differences among colleges and universities.According to the survey, in addition to training fees, rental fees, students must be living expenses, travel expenses, catering, daily appliances, books and stationery costs, medical insurance and other expenses must be about HK $20,000 every year.Macao institutions of higher learning offer scholarships to students from mainland China. The scholarship quota is determined based on the performance of the college entrance examination.After admission, mainland students are also eligible for a variety of other scholarships as well as local students. The total number varies.University of Macau: The University of Macau and the Macau Foundation are here to offer the “Um Scholarship” and “Macau Foundation Scholarship” to mainland students enrolled in your university.The examination criteria for scholarships are based on the applicants’ college entrance examination results. Students do not need to apply for scholarships independently.Students will be notified of the award by the school and will be awarded the scholarship for the first year and again if they continue to work hard during the term.Macao Polytechnic Institute: Scholarship for Outstanding Mainland Students:The total score of the 2006 college Entrance examination must meet the first-batch admission score of the province/city or has been admitted by the key college entrance examination of mainland China, and then the total score is compared with the first-batch admission line of the province/city, and the top three with the highest excellence rate will be awarded the patacas 56,380 yuan scholarship for the first academic year.For the exemption of training fees, rental fees and monthly distribution of DAILY living allowance of 2000 MACAU dollars.From then on, if the academic performance is excellent again, the scholarship will be awarded again.Macau Foundation Scholarship for Mainland Students: the top 4 students with the highest rate of excellence in the 2006 college Entrance Examination will be awarded WITH a prize of RMB 30,000 for each year.The same scholarship as in the first academic year will be renewed in the future for excellent performance in the examination.Scholarship for Outstanding Freshmen from mainland China: The hospital will add 10 scholarships for outstanding Freshmen from Mainland China in the 2006/2007 academic year, free of first-year training fee of $20,000.According to the students’ college entrance examination results and reference to their moral comments to determine the evaluation results.Macau Polytechnic Institute will grant half scholarship and waive 50% of the training fee for the next year to the outstanding students who have the best performance in all classes and are highly recommended by the school leaders.Macau Institute of Tourism: The Macau Foundation awards 3 free 4-year training scholarships every year to mainland freshmen with outstanding performance.Macau University of Science and Technology: Premium Scholarship: hk $320,000 per person, covering 4 years of full training fee, rental fee and daily living allowance.From the college entrance examination scores of fresh graduates to the province/city online 80 points of the students selected, a total of 10 quotas.First class scholarship: about HK $240,000 will be awarded to each student who has achieved 30 points in the provincial/municipal college Entrance Examination online.There are 10 quotas.Second class scholarship: each student will receive HK $160,000 in 20 quotas, selected from students whose gaokao score is above the provincial/municipal standard but below 30 points.Scholarship: a total of 100 quota, each person will be awarded MORE than HK $40,000, college entrance examination score of two lines, students will be selected.To learn more