German media: China’s Winter Paralympic team is in peak form

2022-05-04 0 By

Reference news network reported on March 13, Germany media said, China in the winter Paralympics success on what is the reason?This has to do with the massive investment China has made in recent years in hiring foreign coaches and retraining and equipment for athletes.”After winning the right to host the Winter Olympics, China said it wanted to succeed in the Paralympics as well,” Said Karl Quade, head of the German Paralympic delegation.China is probably spending a lot of money on this.””Compared to the Olympics, there are generally fewer athletes competing for top positions in the Paralympics,” Quad said.As a result, some of the sports categories and events in the Paralympics can sometimes peak faster.””If screening and training is targeted, it is not surprising that top athletes emerge from it,” said Friedrich Boscher, president of the German National Paralympic Committee.They create new miracles on the field every day.”Quad believes China will finish the Paralympics top of the medal table.”They compete in a wide range of sports and they have great athletes competing in all areas.They also have a big team, so there’s more to come.”In the eyes of German Paralympic athletes, China’s new peak form also seems to be admired.Alpine skier Andrea Rottfus said: “We were all wondering how they did it all of a sudden.They are welcome to teach the German team the secrets of success.”