Yue Xi: Rape flowers open into the sea to invite you to share the glorious spring

2022-05-03 0 By

Such as a spring, looking forward to a bloom smiling.There is a spring, called the more west rape open;Take advantage of the spring just, start a golden journey.The west of the spring, the most intoxicating is the field that a piece of golden rape flowers!No flowers like rape flowers, open so warm and unrestrained, open so grand, bustling swirl.Early spring in February, the more west the earth’s rape has been competing to open, yellow through green, light, gentle.Deep yellow, light yellow, lemon yellow, full of yellow, gentle line of sight.Dressed in full dress, shuttle on the ridge more west children embellish this piece of golden, surprise visitors’ eyes.Spring in the west is definitely a picture of leaping on the golden carpet.The spring breeze blew the bright smile of rape, in an instant, as far as the eye can see, always see flowers!In front of the rape experienced life and death in the cold winter course, just in the early spring blossom golden flowers, yao people’s eyes, with the most beautiful posture and color decorate the west of the earth.This is spring, let a person really feel a kind of magical beauty;This is the rape flower, namely to yan, namely can open!Wandering in a sea of bright flowers, people in the middle of the painting, a cup of spring, a city charming, drunk people, warm heart……Rape open, the more west you share brilliant spring!Source | online channel liangshan in sichuan