Yongle Community, Yongan Street: New Era Civilization Practice Station

2022-05-03 0 By

In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of party members to actively participate in community affairs, promote the management of party member points system into the normalization, institutionalization, standardization, and promote the comprehensive and coordinated development of community work, On February 17, Yongle community organization area residents and some merchants held residents’ points commendation signing conference.During the activity, the first Secretary of Yongle Community in Yongan Street read out the “Management Method of Yongle Community Residents’ Points Evaluation (Trial)”, and then awarded discount coupons jointly issued by shops in the community and the district to 35 outstanding residents who made outstanding contributions to the community construction in January 2022.This activity also urges more and more loving masses of party members to actively invest in the management activities of the points system to serve the people.After the commendation, Yongle Community of Yongan Street and the shops under its jurisdiction signed relevant agreements on the residents’ points management method of Yongle Community of Yongan Street, which further promoted the economic development of Yongle Community of Yongan Street and the consumption of residents under its jurisdiction.Nie Xucheng, a resident Party member who won the award, agreed with the meeting and said:”The meeting is not only for the community pointed out the direction of the future economic development, also gives us motivation, as a retired communist party members, the future will use practical actions to the community in a line of work, to mobilize more neighbors around to actively participate in community activities, to promote the harmonious development of community and play out their own model leading role.”Through holding this activity, not only enhanced the communication between the community volunteers, but also enhanced the cohesion of the community volunteer service team, so that the community formed a good atmosphere of “solidarity and friendship, dedication and mutual assistance”, and promoted the civilized and harmonious development of the community.(Correspondent Guhaier Sand Wupur Shan Zhiqiang)