News release | tomorrow night officially lights up!In Xi ‘an, 37 sets of New Year lights were lit at the same time to create a strong New Year atmosphere

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On the afternoon of January 26, the Information Office of xi ‘an Municipal Government held a series of press conferences on xi ‘an’s overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, introducing the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and answering questions from the media.Gu Yuying, deputy director of the Administrative committee of Qujiang New Area, said that as the city’s fight against the epidemic entered the final stage, the administrative committee of Qujiang New Area overcame difficulties and did not relax the preparations for creating the atmosphere of the Spring Festival and opening the scenic spot.Learned, get up late on 27 January, qujiang newly developed area will have 37 new chy-tech lit at the same time, the distribution in the wall, datang city that never sleeps, datang furong garden, da national park and common social cultural blocks, these lanterns to converge into the night time, once again lit in xian, light spring, let the citizens the masses feel the lights on, changan still Spring Festival atmosphere.During the Spring Festival, we will focus on traditional elements such as “New Year customs”, “intangible cultural heritage” and “poetry” to bring a wonderful “cultural feast” for citizens and tourists.In the City that never Sleeps in the Tang Dynasty, 18 groups of lanterns with the theme of “Tang Poetry” lit up the romance of “Lighted China, Poetic Chang ‘an”.Above the city wall, the Spring Festival couplets and “Fu Hu Spring” lanterns bring the year of the Tiger festival;In Daming Palace, the “Welcome the Winter Olympics” lighting group to help add luster to the Winter Olympics;Datang Lotus Garden, water and light interplay “immersive” lights will take you in a glance at the scene of the tang Dynasty;At Qujiang Aquarium and Qinling Wildlife Park, the cute animals are looking forward to celebrating the New Year with you. They will also play with xi ‘an Symphony Orchestra.On the eve of the Lantern Festival, we will cooperate with various platforms to issue qujiang New Area culture and tourism consumption vouchers, bringing real benefits to the local residents.Chinese New Year naturally to eat well, “laozihao” has prepared for everyone the traditional New Year’s Eve dinner, May Day bag, Defa long dumpling banquet, are waiting for you and your family to share the “taste of home” reunion dinner.You can search “Chang ‘an Twelve Food Days” and “Qujiang Culture travel restaurant time-honored brands” on wechat to make online reservations.We celebrate the reunion together, fireworks comfort Chang ‘an years.During the Spring Festival, we launched an online performance activity “Chang ‘an is still, Qin Sound and Qin Rhyme” to benefit the people, inviting the general public to taste the artistic works online.From today to the 15th day of the lunar New Year, a number of traditional Qinqiang opera, drama, acrobatics, children’s drama and other plays will be staged in turn. You can watch them online by following the official wechat official account of Qujiang New Area, huasang website, and the home page of Huasang Toutiao APP. Click on the topic “Chang ‘an is still The Same, Qin Sound and Qin Rhyme”.Play Spring Festival, let’s sing together.In addition, qujiang New Area hotels, has been orderly resumption of business.We have carried out frequent and all-round disinfection and cleaning for hotels in the district, continued to strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and provided everyone with a safe check-in environment and a happy holiday atmosphere without dead spots, and welcomed everyone with the most reassuring and considerate service.During the Chinese New Year, thousands of Chinese workers who have been working on the front line of the epidemic response are still on duty. They will continue to work hard in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control to ensure that every Chinese citizen has a peaceful Year.Here, we also remind you that all scenic spots in Qujiang New Area implement the 75% traffic limit standard. Please make an appointment, scan code, do not crowd or gather, wear masks, wash your hands frequently, do a good job of personal protection, and have a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year.Article: Wang Mengfan, reporter of Xi ‘an Press intern: Ma Jinghao