New Year’s special project: the small preamble of the all-player rhythm chart!It is really the world of stream and immortal!

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Hi, I’m He Biyi blocking a cap.Today is our third a special planning of the New Year 2022 articles, the rhythm of the whole small forward players list analysis, which will be for the game’s nine small forward a brief analysis of the rankings and discussion, we hope you can interested, in fact we also know that under the current version of the small forward players is the most advances ability,And in our past updated player index list, it is not surprising that small forwards have long occupied the top few of the list, and since the official launch of the expansion fairy road last year, small forwards also have a more complete configuration, and then began today’s analysis, the ranking order is backward, please note:The first thing we see is the small forward At the end of the crane Kengo Murayuki, who is also one of the few players in the game who are completely ignored. Imagine a player who has given up even the balance adjustment……It’s not surprising at this point.Second we see clear Tian Xin long, the strength of the objective said he can still, but with the cooperate with the player’s lonely gradually, the monkey’s appearance rate also gradually lost its color, think that year S1, S2, fish monkey combination is how scenery season period, but at the moment the monkey’s ability also seems to be difficult to hold up the important task of offensive and defensive,The only thing that could save him, however, would be an extension not far away, and perhaps that monkey would be the perfect monkey in everyone’s mind.The third and seventh player is expanding layer hasegawa, consider two seasons ago can comfortably in our top 10 players index hasegawa, currently in the game already is difficult to see, what changes have been made and not his strength, but the same position is really have a lot of alternatives, such as the expansion of laminar flow chuan maple sendoh, expanding layer,Which of the two is not the same as Hasegawa in the defensive end of the general have not good deterrence, and in the offensive end of the several are also strong on a lot, so……A king a courtier, a version of a generation of god ah!No. 6 small forward is training field, but in terms of theory of limit strength training he certainly can not only to this position, but considering the cooperation degree is low, training monkeys personal preference for lone Wolf mode of operation, and the operation of the threshold is not low, so this also greatly lower the training field of qing dynasty on the rate and intensity,After all, the difficulty of operation is too high and the players who do not have any cooperation generally do not have a high tendency, so this is also the training monkey slightly designed a bit of failure, unfortunately.Fifth player is expanding layer of wood, and wood dusk actually concerning personal strength is not strong, but if it is in the double row or that one in three rows to wood dusk timely pass teammate, wood the strength of both will have a lot of ascension, all versions of animal husbandry is the most direct gentlemen, akira and miyagi players, against the run of rapid displacement,Mu mu’s ability to catch and get rid of the ball is one of the best in the game, and similarly proves how hard Glory Mitsui can be to guard in the same attack mode.Fourth is training sendoh, as a leading attacking players in the game, training sendoh offensive ability after several versions of the balance adjustment is already reached a relatively considerable degree, and training on the defensive side of sendoh blocks ability should all are visible, in addition to hasegawa’s strongest blocks small forward should be worthy,Therefore, it is very good in terms of the comprehensive strength of the training sendo. the disadvantage is that unlike the expanded layer sendo. and the training liuchuan Maple generally have better collecting and passing skills, which is also a small regret of the training sendo. all the time.Small forward is expanding laminar chuan maple in third place, although in the past players index on laminar chuan maple has been expanding the clothes of the first players, but it also should built on two premise, the first is expanding layer sendoh haven’t online at the time, the second is that the probability of training flow chuan maple was ban off is not low, so also to the expansion of laminar flow chuan maple better play space,From the individual strength, the expansion of lamina-flow maple offensive means is very rich, the ability to pull the defensive space is very strong, but in the team cooperation expansion lamina-flow Maple is slightly inferior, although the interception and interception ability is not good, but in the lack of blocking is also a small regret of his.Ranked second small forward d one to enlarge layer sendoh, saying if expanding layer sendoh operation difficulty lower again, 1 small forward is undoubtedly his bag, but considering the high threshold and is easily more than five key LianZhao requirements, expanding layer sendoh for general player really is a very challenging,This also limits the spread of fairy way to a certain extent, although the ability limit is very high, but once the operation error, awkward situation will happen from time to time, but fortunately attack, defense, pass the characteristics of the spread fairy way in the current game or by a lot of hands rub gods love……Finally top small forward d or does he give to small forward flow chuan maple evergreen tree, as to why training flow chuan maple can sendoh row over expansion layer 1, d actually think the biggest reason is his operation difficulty is rather than expanding layer sendoh simple a lot, and with the same attack, defense, passing in grasping the characteristics of theThe controllability of training flow maple is not necessarily worse than fairy way, the popularity of the same training flow maple is also better than fairy way too much, at least most of the hand rub players to play training flow maple or very experienced, but to play expanded fairy way……Ha ha.The above is today’s rhythm ranking of a pair of full quarterback players, I hope you can still like!That’s all for today’s analysis article, thank you for your support!