Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaowen qiao by the Spring Festival Gala voice mistake for life, Xiong Lei and Xu Ma and others should be a seat

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The Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Tiger gave us plenty to laugh about, among which jia Ling and Zhang Xiaowen’s skit “Double Joy” was even more memorable.In addition to laughing, many netizens saw the shadow of the wrong life change 28 years in Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaowen’s “Double Happiness”.Jia Ling, who plays the mother-in-law, said, “Isn’t this a female Internet celebrity who can spread her dirty linen and gain fame by denigrating others?”After the exposure of the wrong life, Xiong Lei has become a net red in the new era with the heat of the wrong life.Taking stock of the process of Xiong Lei becoming a net celebrity, mainly because Xiong Lei said some “100 times the magnifying glass”, “laugh at the poor do not laugh at prostitutes” and so on.Xiong Lei’s words are obviously to point to, 100 times the magnifying glass, obviously said is Xu Ma, this sentence is not the slander of Xu Ma?Each netizen has its own conclusion, and for xiong Lei said laugh poor not laugh whorehouse words allusion to which person?Cui Ge really hope xiong Lei said these words are just drunk after gibberish.Xiong lei’s comments quickly pushed him to the height of an Internet celebrity.No wonder some netizens say that if you want to be famous, you have to be unconventional, you have to slander others, and you can’t have a face and three views.Xu Ma was unfairly treated in the case of swapping her life for 28 years. Xiong Lei, her former daughter-in-law, also failed to deal with her relationship with her former mother-in-law.Xiong Lei did not regard Xu Ma as a former relative, but the former mother-in-law as a rival, everywhere condemned Xu Ma, slander Xu Ma, which is a junior should not do.Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaowen are taking the opportunity of the Spring Festival Gala to use the popular way of making a voice wrong for 28 years of life.The more jia Ling and Zhang Xiaowen’s skits look behind, the more constantly broke the news, “ginseng cock, small belly chicken intestines, hook heart beans” can be found in the wrong life case specific examples.The reason why The drama is so popular among TV viewers is that it deals with a social issue that deserves attention.On New Year’s Eve, did Xiong Lei, Xu Ma and Aunt Du watch the Spring Festival Gala?What would they think if they saw Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaowen’s Double Happiness?If everyone involved in the 28-year case did not see the sketch, Cui strongly suggested that they watch it on replay and then take a moment to think about it.