Ecological frame mold price?Attached with the model and parameters

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Ecological frame mold price?Attached model and parameters: Ecological frame mold is a large ecological slope protection mold introduced in China in recent years. The model of ecological frame mold is fixed and the type is single. The common stepped ecological frame is 200*100*50cm, grass ecological frame and fish nest ecological frame are 200*50* 50cm, and tile ecological frame is 108*108* 30cm.Ecological box mold at the time of production need to consider the service life of the production process, and the production cost, size accuracy and the subsequent operation convenience, etc., the manufacturer is not just a torrent of slope slot mold production, manufacturers need to consider the various problem, and to make a meet the requirements of construction of the mould to operate processing.In fact, the production process of ecological frame mold is nothing more than injection molding and welding molding, of course, are controlled by professional production machines.If the service life of ecological frame mold reaches two years, it is already a good production state. When making the mold, workers should operate the mold reasonably. The production cost of plastic mold is not very high, and the whole process is controlled by professional machinery and equipment, without any error.The size, specifications and shape of the mold produced are highly consistent with the drawings. When using it, we need to pay attention to the order of use. Only after brushing oil can we pour mud for the production of concrete ecological frame.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Lichang mold knowledge