Ben Chun: The tiger’s eyes are cut to show a strong Chinese flavor

2022-05-03 0 By

Every Spring Festival, China has the custom of paper cutting.In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, sanxiang City Daily · Ben video invited, provincial intangible cultural heritage representative project folk paper cutting inheritor Chen Kenji, with a pair of hands cut vivid, different forms of “tiger”.”Tiger is a homonym for happiness in Chinese folklore.We cut tigers in the year of the tiger to ward off evil spirits, eliminate disasters and pray for good fortune.I hope that through the video of Sanxiang Metropolis Daily, I wish the New Year of the Tiger friends.”Paper-cutting is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, carrying people’s wisdom and hard work, and is a true witness of history.Chen Xinji, 46 years old, learned from Teacher Qin Shijiao, who is known as one of the “top ten God scissors in China”. “I started to contact paper cutting in 2014, and Teacher Qin Shijiao guided me a lot.Through paper cutting, I found a spiritual sustenance THAT I never had before.”A pair of scissors, a piece of red paper, Chen kenji hands flying, a lifelike “tiger” will appear on the paper.”Here’s the shaker, here’s the crescent…”Chen kenji said, “The paper we use is just plain red paper. The scissors are a little expensive.I’ve used 50 yuan scissors, and I’ve used 300 yuan scissors.”Chen xinying said with a smile that she got the 300 yuan scissors from a master with great sharpening skills. “USUALLY I can’t bear to use them, so I put them away as a collection.””Sometimes I will learn from the folk paper-cut graphic paper-cut, and sometimes I need to create my own ideas.”Behind Chen kenji, there are two framed “tiger” paper cuts.”Look, they have pomegranates and flowers on them.It took me the better part of a month to conceive and cut these two tigers.”