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Jiajing years, river’s lake bandit Cattle mo, early encounter stranger, grant strange law.Ninety years of age is still strong, not only murder, but also the lust for flowers, do all kinds of evil.After being caught.At the end of his execution, the officer asked, “You are ninety years old and still energetic. What is your special skill?””, answer: “neither smell earth into bricks and tiles into carbon, millennium immortal, all firepower also….”.The government allowed him to sacrifice the secret to immortality.After the cattle also reformed evil, at the age of 152, died without any illness.This method is on the basis of this ancient method, combined with the modern principle of qigong acupuncture massage, integrated refining and compilation.By practicing this method, it can achieve obvious effect of body-building and curing impotence and premature ejaculation neurasthenia in a short time.For some minor ailments, there is an immediate effect.Insist on long-term practice, can prolong life, eliminate all diseases.The method is to use several special techniques, in the morning and evening in their own acupoints massage for more than 10 and 20 minutes.There are four techniques: the first technique: 1. Every morning and evening (before waking up in the morning, before going to bed at night before falling asleep.On the flat bed, lower the pillow as far as possible and straighten the legs naturally.Feet apart at shoulder level.2. The five fingers of the left hand grasp the scrotum, slightly massage two testicles, accessories and spermatic cord and penis root, with a little pain and can endure for the degree, the woman’s left hand massage two breasts.3 at the same time the right thumb press in the navel, index finger pressure in the middle finger back, with the middle finger of the abdomen, along the navel to the penis root of this straight line back and forth massage 10 minutes, the speed of 70~90 times per minute or so is appropriate, a return to a complex.This is a very important technique used in the first stage of practicing this method.This technique is the necessary means to start the true Yang and make it run, but also to strengthen the Yang and the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation.The second technique: every morning and evening flat bed, to dress naked belly, cold weather can cover the quilt, hands five fingers together, from the navel as the center, first with the left finger belly and palm root, according to the counterclockwise massage 100 times;Use your right hand to massage 100 times clockwise.Finally with the left hand counterclockwise massage 100 times.This is a wonderful way to strengthen the spleen and stomach.Some people can cure more than 10 years old stomach disease in three months by using this technique alone.At ordinary times occasionally have food stagnation or general stomach unwell.You can get instant results with this technique.This method counterclockwise direction for the complement, clockwise direction for diarrhea.The left-right-left order mentioned above is the complement method.It is suitable for the old and weak, the stool is rotten all the year round, and the urine is clear and long.Body fat, red face, often dry mouth, it is necessary to use diarrhea, namely change right – left – right order.It should be noted that: two supplement clip one diarrhea for the supplement method, that is, left-right-left order.Two diarrhea and one supplement for diarrhea, that is, right – left – right order.Not single tonic or single diarrhea.People with normal spleen and stomach can use the pingbupingxie method, that is, first left after right or first right after left order.The third technique: every morning and evening, sitting on the bed, sitting north and south, eyes gently closed, five fingers together, with the fingers of the left and right hands, at the same time cross massage the yongquan point of the left and right feet heart 200 times each, yongquan point in the first toe end and foot root line before the fifth of the depression.Yongquan point is the starting point of the Foot Shaoyang kidney meridian. Massage this point is a magic way to nourish Yin and kidney, practice the viscera, activate the qi in the kidney meridian, strengthen the body and prevent premature aging.The fourth kind of technique: rub ear, both hands rub two ears at the same time, position at will, from top to bottom all rub to.Rub red rub heat as a degree, this is a holographic therapy, because the ear is the epitome of the body, each part of the body, there are corresponding acupuncture points on the ear.Therefore, rubbing the ear is equivalent to whole-body massage. There are tenderness points on the ear, which means that the body and the corresponding parts of the pain point have lesions, and the tenderness points are found. When massage, the tenderness points should be rubbed, touched and squeezed, and then the pain points disappear, and the lesions of the corresponding parts of the body are cured.This is the same as the ear needle, in the inner lobe, there is a neurasthenia point, neurasthenia patients, generally can find the tenderness point in this place, pinch the tenderness point, refreshing, neurasthenia treatment has a very good effect.Massage or needling the box ear point and ear zhong point has a unique effect on cold and high fever and vomiting.The whole set of skills can be practiced in two stages: the first stage: first use the first technique for 10 minutes, then use the second technique for about 3 minutes, a total of 36 days of practice, this stage is the most important.Now I will introduce a theory of “meridian typical”.According to this theory, there are four types of channels and collaterals in the crowd, i. e. extremely sensitive type;2. Insensitive;3. Sensitive;4. Slow.In the population, extremely sensitive about 10%, sensitive and insensitive about 40%, insensitive about 10%, small at both ends of the middle.Belong to the meridians very sensitive type of people, often can only massage once or twice in the first way, will feel hot or cold feet heart, hemp, acid, heavy, itching and other strange feeling.This phenomenon is called “get qi”, which is also the expression of real qi germinating in the body.If it belongs to the meridian sensitive type, massage 3~5 times, the bipedal heart has the above strange feeling.If it is not sensitive, massage 3~5 days will also get gas.Belong to the slow type, bipedal heart is always no strange feeling, will not get gas, this kind of person because there is no sense of gas, often lose confidence, but if you can seriously adhere to the practice will also achieve longevity fitness effect.Stage 2:Practice about 10 days, which is the first and second kind of gimmick will generally increase appetite, sleep sweet, will also feel a warm (or cool, hemp, acid, heavy strange sensation) slowly from the abdomen (umbilical under three horizontal) by the perineum point (before the anus) between be convenient to both rump hole (vertebrae) back the anus “Ming hole (as opposed to a belly button places on his back), the da-zhui acupuncture point, jade pillow,To the top of the head of baihui point, and then through the upper Dan Tian (forehead), in Dan Tian (between the two nipples) return to the lower Dan Tian.This phenomenon is called “small week day” in qigong definition.The time of getting through to Xiao Zhou Tian also varies according to individual meridian types.When it is found that the body has the above strange feeling, you can use the idea to guide, accelerate the completion of small Sunday, the idea is to think, think of the gas according to the above line step by step forward.Mind to qi to.This is called mental guidance. Modern Qigong considers mental guidance as a kind of “force”, which is called “mental force”.For example, in Qigong, mental action, taking pills from sealed medicine bottles, etc., is accomplished by “mental power”.Qigong circles believe that when a person’s child zhou Tiantian passes through, the body’s immunity will be greatly improved and diseases will be relatively reduced.This first stage, from practice begins to 15 days or so, up to 20 days, normal male, every midnight, the penis erections, firm abnormal.Impotence and premature ejaculation patients, the condition also began to improve, but at this time to pay attention to refrain from sexual intercourse, at least in the first phase of 36 days abstain from sexual intercourse.Better spermatorrhea than intercourse.Because normal spermatorrhea is “full benefit”, sexual intercourse ejaculation is “pull out”, have essential different.Normal spermatorrhea although better than sexual ejaculation, but fundamentally speaking, or to keep true Yang does not make leakage for the top.The method of Pingyang is: when the penis erectile, eliminate miscellaneous thoughts, close the eyes inside look (think) perineal acupoint, relax perineal acupoint.After a few minutes, the penis atrophies and does not lift, which is wonderful for relieving sexual desire.For a long time, Yuan Yang filling, the body is increasingly healthy.This is the key to the success of longevity and fitness by practicing this method.Otherwise fall into what all corners of the country say “room in art”, “masculine law” go evil way up.This first stage should pay attention to the following matters: 1. Within 3 to 5 days, the right finger palm wrist, elbow and arm are sore and uncomfortable, especially the elderly and infirm.The feeling is more prominent.As long as adhere to 10 days or so natural adaptation.2. Massage the part – below the navel Dan Tian point.You have fever and pain.You can start off a little lighter.Avoid bruising.Massage parts will also appear some small papules and thick calluses.After a few days desquamate cure, this is normal phenomenon.Here we also need to explain the lower dantian point, which is located at the place three horizontal fingers below the navel.He is the key point of the meridians and collaterals of the human body. Generally, in the qigong circle, it is emphasized to keep the dantian and sink the Dantian.For a long time, in the Area of Dantian will produce a heat, (or cold hemp acid sink) slowly through the perineum, tail, mingmen, Dazhui, jade pillow, Baihui, Upper Dantian, middle Dantian, return to the lower Dantian, complete the small Day.The characteristics of this method are: using the technique of direct massage under the Dan tian, so that the hot air that the true Yang can germinate as soon as possible.This is what makes this method so simple and so powerful.The second stage: first use the first technique and the second technique to practice again, and then use the third technique and the fourth technique to practice again, a total of about 20 minutes, the second stage of practice for 49 days.The whole set of skills has been practiced for about 85 days (the number of days mentioned above is approximate, not absolute).The signs of success are: 1. Old and infirm people eat more and sleep soundly.There is a marked improvement in health.2. Young adults are fitter and have a higher libido (but abstinence).3. Those who get through or fail to get through xiaozhou and their health has improved significantly.To practice this method, we should first make full mental preparation, and then do it at one go.The key to success is to rely on their own efforts, serious and persistent, it can be said that “master into the door, success depends on their own”.After success, you can continue to practice every morning and evening.Or interval continue to practice.In order to consolidate and improve.Foreigners are starting to learn Chinese medicine, what are you waiting for?It only takes 20 minutes at a time.Why not do it without much trouble?Insist on long-term practice can prolong life and eliminate all diseases.So much for the introduction of the skills.Let’s close with two sentences: What is the point of elaboration?As the saying goes: diseases come by the mountain, and go away like a tap.Let alone improve physical fitness?Such things as health preservation do not work for decades.The key points involved are massaging the testicles and abdominal meridians.Massage testicles can improve sexual function, lower abdomen points, Dantian, changqiang and so on, long massage, this also has tonic benefits.As for the massage yongquan point, massage the ear, are the regular method of health, it must be some effective.Warm tips: All kinds of prescriptions and prescriptions mentioned in the article are only for the reference of professional TCM professionals, and cannot be used as a prescription. 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