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Under the influence of strong cold air, it is expected that there will be a rain and snow weather process in our province from June 6 to 7, in which there will be sleet or light to medium snow in the southern part of jianghuai river and Jiangnan River, and heavy snow in dabie mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area, and local snowstorm.The depth of newly added snow: 5 ~ 10 cm in Dabie mountain area and Southern Anhui mountain area, 10 ~ 15 cm in some areas.8-11 the southern part of our province is still mainly cloudy with rain and snow, and the northern part is cloudy to overcast.In the morning of June 6, there was fog in some areas along the north of Huaihe River and dabie Mountain area.From 6th, the rain and snow continued in the south of our province, and the roads were wet, especially the snow was more obvious in dabie mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area from 6th to 7th.The area of influence between jianghuai and jiangnan.1. Pay attention to the adverse impact of rain, snow, fog, and the increase in the number of people and vehicles during Spring Festival transportation, prevent the adverse impact of slippery roads, snow and ice weather on transportation and urban operation, and do a good job in the dredging and safety management of highways, railways, airports and other important transportation arteries and hubs.2. Prevent the adverse effects of strong cooling on human health and epidemic prevention and control, remind people to guard against carbon monoxide poisoning when using charcoal fire for indoor heating, and ensure energy and power dispatching and supply of daily necessities.3. In the areas with deep snow, such as dabie mountain area and southern Anhui mountain area, attention should be paid to the hidden dangers of temporary structures, greenhouses and rural dilapidated houses, and timely reinforcement, snow clearing and snow clearing work should be done.To remind the public to keep warm and prevent colds and respiratory diseases caused by severe cooling.4. Pay close attention to weather developments and changes, strengthen consultation and analysis, release early warning information in a timely manner, improve the coverage of early warning information, fully prepare teams, equipment and materials for emergency response, and launch emergency response in a timely manner.5. Strengthen on-duty and information reporting, and strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty and leadership shift system.Source: Emergency Management Department of Anhui Province