The Lakers’ narrow win over the Knicks got vogel and James praising one player, but not Russell and Westbrook

2022-05-02 0 By

The Lakers narrowly beat the Knicks, vogel and Lebron James praised one, but it wasn’t Timberlake and Westbrook!The lakers’ 122-115 victory over the knicks, the game to see palms sweat, must say the lakers played tough, a big deficit, but never give up, catch up, finally win over the knicks in the overtime, the last laugh, like the lakers, really have a pitch, of course, also the embodiment of the old players, experienced, the state of the lakers,That’s what the fans want to see.”He has a solid game. He’s one of our most reliable offensive players,” Lakers coach Chuck Vogel told reporters after the game.Vogel said That Monk played reliably and was the most reliable offense, and the word “most” reflected vogel’s satisfaction with Monk’s performance. When asked what it was like to watch Monk play, Vogel said, “It was fun.””Malik was like a microwave oven,” James said. “He had an exciting third quarter. He was hot.Once he sees a shot go into the net, he can make 4-6 shots in a row.We needed that from him after being down 15 at halftime.”James said That Monk is like a microwave oven. When it gets hot, James called Monk’s game exciting in the third quarter. James said from the bottom of his heart, the Lakers are down, someone needs to step up and that’s what they need from Monk.The game, the monk shooting 11 of 20 shots, scoring 29 points, 2 assists, monck, main performance and or the most excellent performance is in the third quarter, he is a cic, for the lakers, fired the first shot, followed by monk a break up of three knife falls, even 5 points, the morale, the Los Angeles lakers attack wave.Monk’s offense is repeatedly, waves, a wave, a wave, the game into the middle, monk rim foul 2 free throws, his offense is a gun in one place, after two consecutive breakthrough, monk withdrawn from ground, started shelling, constantly hit 2 remember three points in a row, the last 2 minutes, the lakers’ offense monk one contract,Monk scored 18 points in the quarter to pull the lakers back from the brink of defeat.Monck, make persistent efforts and continuous again after the successful, his personal attack is unstoppable, and a series of points, hit ratio is very high, is indeed a big heart, confidence, shooting under adversity come back to help the team, vogel said the monk play “interesting”, the reason right here, James said a big deficit hit this kind of performance, just need someone to the game,Vogel and James praise Monk in unison, is not surprising, hope monk continue to play like this, get a good contract, he has great potential, the future can be!