Portugal super players lying grass waste time, veteran quaresma at “princess embrace” players

2022-05-02 0 By

Remember ricardo Quaresma, the old Portuguese winger?The skilful winger’s latest move has seen him pick off opponents who spend too much time on the pitch to make the game a success.Now Guimaraes’ Ricardo Quaresma was at Biranises in the Portuguese super League on Sunday when guimaraes conceded the only goal of the game to striker Sefera after a missed pass from a centre-back in the second half.However, the media focus fell on Quaresma’s stoppage time performance.At that time, Bilaneses midfielder Susa was lying on the grass with suspected injury. As the match had already entered the stoppage time, the 38-year-old Quaresma, in order to recover the lost ground as soon as possible, walked forward to pick up his opponent quickly with a “princess hug”, “help” holding Susa off the field, apparently did not believe that his opponent was really injured.This, of course, caused the opposition players’ displeasure, with a group of Bilaneses players charging quaresma, disrespecting his actions, and the referee showing him a yellow card.While the move was controversial, some teams took to Twitter to praise Quaresma’s true temperament.