Keep warm in winter, 2 free tips to help you make up Yang qi, enough kidney qi!

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Keep warm in winter, 2 free tips to help you make up Yang qi, enough kidney qi!Yang plays a role in the human body to warm our body, if the weather is particularly cold, it is easy to harm our Yang.So the root of human Yang qi, the root of human qi and blood lies in our kidney Yang, kidney Yang is the root of human Yang.Winter is kidney, so our winter maintenance of kidney qi, kidney Yang is particularly important.But cold weather, our Yang qi will be easy to lose.So how to maintain our Yang in winter, maintain our kidney?I’m going to give you two tips today.The first is to pay attention to the head to keep warm, do not get cold, the head will be all Yang.The three Yang channels of the hand are from the hand to the head, and the three Yang channels of the foot are from the head to the foot, that is to say, the head is the place where the three Yin and three Yang of the hands and feet can reach.The meeting of zhuyang is also a place where Yang qi can be lost easily, just like a thermos bottle. If you don’t have a lid on it, the water in the thermos bottle can easily become cold.If we keep the lid on, it’s like wearing a hat and a scarf when we go out to help keep our heads warm.Although this method is very simple, if you do it, you can prevent the loss of Yang qi in our head.So when wearing a hat, we suggest that you can choose to cover the back of the head of the hat.Because if there is a cold wind behind our head, it is especially easy to get cold and catch a cold.The second is to keep our backs warm and not catch cold.We all have this feeling that when we catch a cold and get close to a cold, the upper back gets a little chills.In other words, if we pay attention to the maintenance of our back Yang qi, we are not easy to catch a cold.How to maintain back Yang qi?In addition to wearing more clothes on a regular basis, there are a few things to be aware of.The cold wind in winter is bitter. If you go out and catch the cold wind, you must not turn your back to the cold wind, because the back and back of your head are the most afraid of the wind.If the wind blows directly, it is easy for the cold evil to enter our body. We would rather be directly facing the cold wind, or find a shelter until the wind dies down and we come out.In winter, when the weather is sunny and sunny, it is recommended to go outside with your back to the sun and let the sun shine directly on the back of your body.This way can be said to be Yang Yang, because the back is du meridian, bladder meridian place, these du meridian and bladder meridian are very important Yang meridian of the human body.Du mai is the sea of Yang veins, the bladder is called the full sun bladder, we through the sun, with the sun, the temperature of nature to nourish the Yang in our human body, can also make up the Yang.If there is sun outside, the temperature is relatively low, we can choose the sunlight can shine in the indoor, because the indoor temperature is relatively warm, and there is no wind indoors, our back to the sun is also a good way to keep the sun, especially suitable for older friends.Pay attention to nourishing the kidney in winter and Yang in winter.The above two methods are provided to you, I hope you can pay attention to the warmth of our head and back!