As of March 14, shijiazhuang city punished 284 illegal vehicles

2022-05-02 0 By

The special rectification action of cracking down on “unlicensed cars” and illegal operation of taxi in Shijiazhuang has been pushed forward, effectively cracking down on “unlicensed cars”, purifying the business environment of taxi, and playing an important role in standardizing the online car booking and taxi transport industry in Shijiazhuang.March 15, the reporter learned from shijiazhuang city transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment, as of March 14, the city seized a total of 431 vehicles, 284 vehicles punished violations.In order to standardize the operation order of shijiazhuang taxi passenger transport market, improve the overall service quality of the industry and the civilized image of the city, and ensure the safety, convenience and quality travel of the masses, the Municipal Transport Bureau and relevant departments carry out joint law enforcement, and carry out inspection, spot inspection and other ways to check operating vehicles.In particular, the railway station, passenger station, hospital and other areas of the renovation efforts.”In the rectification of action, we mainly check whether network about car compliance, whether the vehicle is in line with the” interim provisions on the administration of shijiazhuang network about car “rules, according to the requirements, fuel car wheel base should be greater than or equal to 2675 mm, or 1.8 L displacement should be greater than or equal to 1.4 T, new energy automobile wheel base should be greater than or equal to 2650 mm, and the net about car from job seniority card.”Li Jianjun, deputy chief of Xinhua Brigade of the city’s comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment of transport, said that at the same time to check whether regular cruise taxis in accordance with the “taxi management regulations” regular use of meter, charging by mileage, etc.For days, the municipal transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement team China brigade major in xinhua trade market, tai electronic town north, memorial square, passenger transport station, shijiazhuang north station and other areas to carry out scrutiny, to find some cruise taxi without the use of the meter, bypass, refuse, strongly attracting passengers behavior, such as the crackdown, effective protection of the rights of the passengers.The illegal operation of “unlicensed cars” and taxis violates national laws and regulations, infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, seriously disrupts the market operation order, affects the civilized image of the city, and also has many security risks.”Some illegal vehicles, there may be assembly, refit problems, even in accordance with the national regulations for the operation of the car on the relevant insurance, once there is a traffic accident, the interests of passengers can not be effectively guaranteed.”The city transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement detachment said, to remind the general public, do not take illegal vehicles without a license, such as illegal operation of vehicles can call the city transportation Bureau public supervision telephone 12328 to report.(Reporter Feng Yuejing)