After zhang Jun was sentenced to death, he was depressed and said little. He hid in bed and cried softly

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Please click “follow” above before reading, thank you for your support, I hope to bring you a good reading experience, and share the happiness of reading with you!I will bring you more wonderful stories in the future!On the evening of September 19, 2000, the mountain city of Chongqing was brightly lit, and the streets were full of vendors and passers-by. At the road junction of Chongqing Surgical Hospital in Guanyinyan, a taxi driver was enthusiastically solicits business.At this moment, a man in a blue turtleneck slowly walked out of the intersection, looking back from time to time. After a few moments, he suddenly stepped into the dark, exchanged a few words with a woman who was waiting here, took her bag, and then prepared to turn and leave.At that time, this time, all of a sudden from the surrounding rushed out of the three people, tackled the man to the ground, and when I saw the scene of several people, close to think that things happened, and stopped to watch the line when people see this three people would take out handcuffs, kao after death, will the man hands line of people just know three men in front of me is the police,The man tackled to the ground was a criminal.But what people will never think of is that the criminal who was thrown down is no one else, it is hunan, Hubei and Chongqing series of armed robbery and murder of the first perpetrator, has been a number of provinces for 8 years, committed more than 10 crimes, killing, killing nearly 50 people bandits Zhang Jun.After zhang Jun was sentenced to death in the first instance, he was extremely depressed, rarely spoke, and sobbed under the quilt in the middle of the night. On April 14, 2001, zhang Junte’s serial robbery and murder case was heard in the First Intermediate People’s Court of Chongqing. Zhang Jun and his 10 accomplices were brought to court one after another.In a dignified courtroom, prosecutors read a 46-page indictment of more than 20, 000 words and spent an hour and a half laying out the facts and evidence of Mr. Zhang’s gang crimes.From June 1991 to September 2000, a total of job more than 10, to 28 people were killed and five wounded, 15 people slightly injured, two minor injury, a total of rob financial total more than 500 ten thousand yuan, seriously affected the people’s lives and safety and social stability, zhang jun and his gang atrocities, much to the victim’s family caused great misfortune,And how many dead people left permanent pain in their hearts!In the judgement of zhang jun, after the public prosecutor’s indictment, and calm at first, his head, a pair of “not” attitude, but by the time he looked around the gallery, are facing the pairs of eyes “anger”, he not dare to look at to the gallery was victim family members, more eyes dodge, stare at a glance.During the entire trial against him, Except for the time of pleading, Zhang Jun raised his head to answer, the rest of the time is lowered eyes, a face of dazed slumped in the dock.In the face of ironclad facts and evidence, Zhang Jun speechless, he can only use four words – “no objection”, to reply to the judge and the plaintiff’s lawyer.And in the final court hearing self defense link, always arrogant Zhang Jun whispered: give me such a person in the capital punishment, I am convinced.After finish listen to zhang jun finally self defense, the chief judge of the court made the first instance verdict, the defendant zhang jun robbery, murder, robbery crime of guns, the crime of illegal holding guns, plot, don’t be serious, combined punishment for several crimes, zhang jun sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life, and concurrently confiscate all personal property.After hearing the sentence, Zhang blinked in the dock and showed no emotion as the bailiff led him back to the holding cell.Back to the jail cells of the arrival of the end of zhang jun deeply, look very frustrated, said little, a person stays in a corner quietly staring blankly, sleeping in the evening, zhang jun is hiding in the woli cry secretly, it let the other prisoners in the dormitory room with know, speak the confrontation bully is a “paper tiger”, seemingly looks very fierce,But he’s very fragile inside.Meanwhile, after the Zhang Jun of natural disposition restless came to guard house, still fantasizing to do finally “the fight of trapped beast”, he ever gives guard house to seek trouble for many times, try to seek opportunity to undertake escape and escape from prison.He had language test guards armed police soldiers and police, hope to find the opportunity to escape from the armed police soldiers and police, but was armed police soldiers and soldiers again and again to expose, the guard of the police clearly made a warning to Zhang Jun, told him to escape, he did not have any opportunity to escape from here.Secondly, Every time Zhang Jun was questioned by the police, Zhang Jun will look around, pay attention to the surrounding terrain, and his behaviors are in the detention center monitoring, simply can not find a breakthrough.And zhang jun as unable to escape and fled, and fell into a negative emotion, don’t talk with people, it is always a person alone, the jail police after see the situation, in order to be able to hold a new point of view, the police in the jail to zhang jun to a pair of chess, allow him and the other room pastime inmates to play chess.But Zhang Jun’s chess skill level is really too bad, is a primary level, so every time he played chess, his fellow inmates “killed all sides”, and the lost Zhang Jun is reluctant to admit that he lost, playing lai, which makes the fellow inmates unwilling to play chess with him this terrible basket.And Zhang Jun saw no one to play with him, and find the police and he guards his, but the guard of the police chess than Zhang Jun’s cellmate level is higher, with a very short time, it makes Zhang Jun defeated.As soon as Zhang Jun saw the police so fierce, he hurried to consult him, and asked the police to help him borrow chess score for learning, so, Zhang Jun immersed in chess score every day, making chess progress is very big.Zhang jun chess progress after the first found with fel companion cells, and they had to get up, as a result, zhang jun unexpectedly won all this time, after the victory of zhang jun and found a policeman and his game, but as a result of police chess is very profound, make again, zhang jun, zhang jun to play up the “rogue”, again make police wry smile.At the same time, the prison police realized that zhang jun chess can influence and education, therefore in the subsequent with right as zhang jun, intentionally water, let zhang jun to get win on 9, as proud as a peacock when zhang jun, the police chess to the winning or losing to preach, zhang jun told zhang jun, the man in my life, success and failure is inevitable,And with Zhang Jun’s example to illustrate, he came to this step today, is completely to blame!And Zhang Jun after listening to these words, guilty lowered his head, can not speak for a long time, perhaps his heart is very deep understand that the police comrades do so is entirely for his sake, I hope he can recognize their own SINS, their previous SINS, guilty and repentant!The final judgment comes, facing the final judgment, Zhang Jun made the final confession in the court.On May 19, 2001, chongqing First Intermediate People’s Court to zhang Jun’s detention house served the summons of the second instance, facing the summons of the second instance, Zhang Jun was very anxious, he found the director of the detention house, directly asked: I am not going to go!And the director of the detention center in order to ensure the orderly opening of zhang Jun’s second trial, and did not make a very clear reply, which makes Zhang Jun after dinner, early to rest.Wait until the next day at 7:10 in the morning, when the bailiff with a police rope appeared in front of Zhang Jun, Zhang Jun subconscious just understand, his final judgment has come.When four tall bailiffs removed his handcuffs and tied his hands together with thick twine like a twist, Zhang jun’s face suddenly changed color, and he made a last desperate struggle, and he gave out a desperate cry.One of the leading bailiff saw it and scolded him contemptuously: Zhang Jun, you don’t roar, your performance is too exaggerated!And Zhang Jun is struggling with his hands, loudly shout: I pain ah, pain to the heart sharp in the lead of the bailiff looked at Zhang Jun, and did not reply, but beckoned the bailiff and armed police soldiers will he even pull with help to the car.By 9:30 a.m., zhang’s second trial at chongqing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court began on time. In the final moment of self-defense, Zhang made his final confession and apology.Zhang jun said: in the court because of his sin, for some innocent family caused irreparable damage, if not chongqing police arrested him, don’t know how to make us to, he thanked the chongqing police arrested him, let him to have the opportunity to to the innocent victims in the court’s relatives say sorry.After saying these words, the presiding judge announced the verdict, upheld the verdict of the first instance, sentenced the defendant Zhang Jun to death, and immediately executed.In this way, Zhang Jun was taken out of the court by the bailiff, confirmed and signed the verdict, and then was sent to the car, towards the execution ground.The first intermediate people’s court in chongqing export side doors, it is a sea of people, many people stop at the door waiting for house see punishment after the car out and victims, zhang jun on punishment in the car and other criminals, curse and scold the Zhang Junze is missing his head lowered down, not toward the window to see.When he arrived at the execution site, with a gunshot, zhang Jun, a gangster who had been running amok in hunan, Hubei and Chongqing for many years, was finally brought to justice. His law also declared the complete demise of Zhang Jun’s organized crime group.We throughout zhang jun in prison before and after the performance, we find that although zhang jun said terminating crime means, is a no human executioner, but when he faced death, he was obviously more timid than the victims, more afraid of death, especially after he knew that he was sentenced to death of trial, fear can actually hide in bed secretly cry,This enough proved Zhang Jun also is just empty name, heart world is very cowardly a criminal just!