There is no such thing as a free lunch

2022-05-01 0 By

A young man from Jiangsu, China, was forced to draw blood more than 10 times after being swindled by an online fraud company in an attempt to make “quick money” in Cambodia, causing his life to be at risk.According to the latest information, the victim is now out of danger.With the development of China’s economic and social, material life greatly enriched, the society filled with interests first, money of unhealthy practices, combined with today’s social network has developed rapidly, the good and bad are intermingled of all kinds of information, true and false, and it came to pass, because there are a lot of people can’t good to identify easily believe that result in not only property damage,Sometimes even their own lives are not guaranteed.Telecom fraud, network fraud, “kill pig dish” and so on these, as the fraud was gradually exposed, the means of criminals are also to be “innovation”, people are impossible to guard against, but, we really can not identify the intrigues, can only eventually fall a man and money empty outcome?Our answer, of course, is no.First, we need to understand that criminals to choose what kind of group, criminal object is mainly of course different crime against group is different, but simply said that smuggling or deceived to Cambodia, such as groups of the country, so, may group is relatively fixed, these people in daily life is not highly educated, no more social experience,There are even some problems with interpersonal communication. When you grow up, you spend all day doing nothing and dreaming of a “pie in the sky”.Secondly, our ancestors told us that “there is no free lunch”, that is, there is no such thing as getting something for nothing, without their own efforts to struggle like becoming a millionaire, how can it be?In notified the police of case, the victims basic it is obsessed with overseas high salary was cheated out of doors, toward the abyss, criminal group promises not only the salary of around 40000 a month, go there and help you order the free ticket, also sent car to pick up, but tend to be controlled as soon as I get to criminal dens, personal freedom and safety are not guaranteed.In addition to the means of criminal elements is extremely cruel, was crippled or even killed buried alive cases are common, looking at the victims after thousands of difficulties and dangers back to the motherland about their own personal experience, the kind of despair and fear through the screen straight stabbing people’s hearts.Some criminal groups, control the people to do some of the most common telecommunications fraud, and the pyramid selling, you continue to drag people to come over, some simply kidnap, let your friends and family farm “freedom” to you, if you dare to run or performance is not up to standard, will be cut hands, stamp, to sell illegal mines drudge, then there is the latest high heat was forced to sell their blood!We must strengthen our awareness of fraud prevention. We must not believe some recruitment information rantly because of petty profits, even some information published on formal platforms should be verified. The victim of the “blood slave” incident in Cambodia was deceived by the information on a well-known recruitment website.We have to remember: there is no free lunch!How much ability to eat how much rice, want to get rich, we must be down to earth, step by step to work hard, or through learning new knowledge and skills to constantly improve themselves, this is the way to get rich!