The spirit of Nagatsu Lake

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In the middle of the night of December 6, 1950, three Volunteers fell to the ground 40 meters from the Watergate Bridge as a sudden burst of gunfire…I volunteer army 27 army death squad in the company commander Jiang Qingyun under the leadership of the implementation of the third bombing bridge action, they wear cotton-padded jacket, wearing explosives, composed of about 40 heavy machine gun class, while the night, quietly close to the target……Three soldiers were killed on the spot and three others were wounded.Captain Jiang Qingyun was also hit by a bullet screaming from the elbow of the right arm, one wound and left shoulder blade, bleeding, unconscious…But the intrepid volunteers of the death squads, never stopped the advance of the offensive, with steel of flesh and blood to blow up the bridge deck and the base together.In the movie “Bloody Battle of Changjin Lake”, Jiang Qingyun, one of the prototypes of the Watergate Bridge, was the captain of the kamikatze squad who blew up the Watergate Bridge, captured the American pilot and beat the American army to doubt the momentum of life, which is also the epitome of many of my volunteer soldiers’ heroic courage to overcome the inimitable enemy.At the beginning of the founding of new China, the volunteer soldiers, lacking in materials and cold protection equipment, had to fight to the death with the well-conditioned Americans to defeat their arrogant momentum, facing a bloody battle, freezing to death, the critical situation of food, crushing its “American king army” undefeated myth.In the Korean War, the Chinese and Korean people defeated the strong, poorly dressed, hungry, ambushed in the snow, appeared to make the Americans shocked and respected for the “ice sculpture company” feat.Volunteers, the loveliest of men, chasing American tanks on foot;Risking death through aircraft artillery bombardment;Breast the muzzle of the gun;Roll your body through a minefield above the glacier;They devoted their lives to the heroic fight for justice.To the hero, to the loveliest generation!