Rockets try 5 shooters!A blessing in disguise for Space City when Wood is out of action?New reinforcements activate the mob

2022-05-01 0 By

At noon on February 17, the Houston Rockets lost to the Phoenix SUNS.Unlike the Rockets, who had the worst record in the Western Conference before this game, the SUNS, led by Paul and Booker, continued to surge in the western Conference this season and are now the no. 1 team in the regular season.But the mighty SUNS didn’t get much of a break against the battered Rockets.This game, the Rockets of wood and small porter two core together absence, the reason is “stomach discomfort”, Schroeder and Shin Jing instead of two people as a starter.But this game, Rockets coach Silas did not give Shin Jing a backup center, Garuba is still injured, and the Rockets new aid Bruno Fernando was DNP, did not play a minute.It’s worth noting, however, that Silas didn’t stick to the usual “1 big 4 small” lineup, but instead made “bold” changes to the lineup — the Rockets went with a lineup of five shooters when Shin kyung rested, and it worked pretty well late in the third quarter.Schroeder, Christopher, Matthews, Gordon and Martin Jr., each of them a good three-point shooter, and with these five shooters together, the Rockets’ inside, not only didn’t explode, but also got the upper hand in schroeder’s high-speed offense.Schroeder’s speed in the game is valued by the Rockets, which is why the Rockets don’t want to buy Schroeder.Schroeder was the center of the rockets’ effort, tearing down the SUNS ‘defense with his three-point shot and fast break drives that allowed the rest of the Rockets to get more opportunities.Especially when the Rockets used a five-shooter lineup at the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth, Schroeder was more effective than porter, the primary point guard.Schroder finished with 23 points, nine assists, six rebounds, one block and one steal.Sellars’ “five shooters” after Shin kyong’s exit seemed like a “weird” lineup, but it actually created a lot of good shots. Unfortunately, Gordon’s shooting was poor, hitting only three of his 14 3-pointers.Gordon was too confident in his three-point shooting, and many of his shots were rushed from a step or two beyond the arc, wasting the opportunities schroder created.Although the Rockets lost to the SUNS to continue their losing streak, but have to say, Silas this attempt is worth looking forward to.Wood absence absence, the Rockets just can send up 5 small composed of pure shooter lineup, a loss brought a successful try, space city because of wood and small porter lack of battle “blessing in disguise”.In the next game, Schroeder will still play a very key role in the Rockets, and the Rockets lineup more experiments and exploration, I believe Silas will continue to insist.