It is slightly more difficult to reserve the winter Olympic coins and winter Olympic banknotes for the second time

2022-05-01 0 By

Today, the second reservation for the Commemorative coins and banknotes of the Winter Olympic Games starts at 22:30 on time. Basically, all the desired number of commemorative banknotes of the Winter Olympic Games have been reserved. The number of commemorative coins of the Winter Olympic Games is not too many, but only one set has been reserved.It can only be described as relatively difficult to reserve the commemorative coins for the Winter Olympic Games, and the reservation was basically completed in about 5 to 8 minutes. The commemorative banknotes for the Winter Olympic Games are the best to reserve. So far, only part of the outlets have been reserved, and most of them have about 1,000 to 6,000 sets.After the second booking, the market for commemorative coins and banknotes will definitely change.In particular, the commemorative coins of the Winter Olympic Games can be clearly seen these two days.From the highest price of 13.5 for a set to today’s latest quotation, it has dropped to 12-12.1 for a set. This market situation may still be maintained for a period of time, and I believe there will be great changes in the market situation after the exchange of the commemorative coins of the Winter Olympic Games for the second time.Winter Olympics commemorative bank notes the market situation is not actually change is too big, overall can already be sure whether the future will enter to the face value of collection, if say it’s beautiful or lucky number, or there will be some good space at a premium, but most of the winter Olympics commemorative bank notes basically do not have any premium, the current market situation in 40.5 a.