He brought out six marshals and six generals, but he was depressed, old age lamenting that he had chosen wrong

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The Chinese nation today, is the countless revolutionary martyrs with blood and life to peace and stability.Before the founding of The People’s Republic of China, countless revolutionaries and people of lofty ideals faced danger with calm.With the great spirit of sacrificing one’s life for justice and the enemy fight to the death, to defend the country.It is because of the hard work of these revolutionary predecessors that the great achievements and happy life of new China have been achieved.Support at that time revolutionary predecessors heroic death, only faith two words can be summarized.If there is no faith in the communist Party of China and the new China, then it is easy to make a wrong choice in life.General Zhang Fakui chose the wrong way in his early years, which became the regret of his life.Zhang Fakui was born in 1896 in Shixing County, Guangdong Province.Zhang Fakui came into contact with tong Meng Hui when he was in school.He showed great interest in the theoretical knowledge propagated by tong Meng Hui.Therefore, zhang Fakui, who was enthusiastic about the revolution, chose to join the Alliance.Later, during the Anti-Japanese War, Zhang Fakui’s performance on the battlefield was also exceptional.Although Zhang Fakui is not tall, but in the battlefield performance is extremely brave.Valiant and skilled in battle, he has become the myth of invincibility in the army.In the battle of Huizhou, a death squad formed by him decisively broke through the enemy gates.This one war thoroughly let Zhang Fakui started reputation, one war become famous.After the war, Zhang Fakui was appointed as the first division commander.Zhang Fakui became a division commander, for his soldiers and other generals in the training of unusual strict, which also let Zhang Fakui soldiers under the talent.Moreover, the troops led by Zhang Fakui also performed exceptionally well in the Northern Expedition war.So with excellent results, Zhang Fakui was promoted to commander of the Fourth Army in 1926. At this time, Zhang Fakui was only 30 years old and became a great general who made great achievements.But zhang Fakui at this time will not think of after this, because of their choice of mistakes, resulting in their reuse.Since the victory of the Northern Expedition war, The situation in China was facing a great confrontation. At this time, Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Ching-wei began to struggle for power, and the two armies began to quarrel with each other.Zhang Fakui chose to side with Wang Ching-wei in the battle between Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Ching-wei, but to his surprise, wang Ching-wei and Chiang kai-shek soon joined forces to fight against the Communists.Zhang Fakui, who thought he was being played by Wang Ching-wei, was very angry and broke off relations with Wang Ching-wei.After breaking off relations with Wang Ching-wei, Zhang Fa-kui chose not to stand on either side of the struggle between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party.At that time because zhang Fakui’s army has a lot of main cadres, including Ye Ting, Ye Jianying’s people, are firm communist party members, the Communist Party of China has an unusually firm belief.That left Zhang fakui with no desire to fight the Chinese Communist Party.For the KMT civil war, Zhang Fakui also held a firm opposition attitude, which also led to Chiang Kai-shek did not use Zhang Fakui.At that time, the Pace of Japanese invasion of China has been accelerated, at this time to save the national crisis urgent.However, Chiang Kai-shek still for his own personal interests, hit the slogan of “hustle and bustle outside the country must first secure inside, Shouting to suppress the Communist party first, to be able to resist the Japanese invasion army at ease.In the face of such a situation, Zhang Fakui is very disappointed, do not want to fight with the Chinese Communist Party, then choose to resign abroad, but did not think zhang Fakui went comprehensive war broke out, at this time, Zhang Fakui will immediately return to fight.However, for Zhang Fakui’s return, Chiang Kai-shek did not choose to reuse.The reason was that Zhang Fakui himself disagreed with Chiang Kai-shek, and important generals such as Ye Jianying, Liu Bocheng and Ye Ting had left the Fourth Army, and Zhang Fakui’s army was no longer the brave one it had been.Chiang kai-shek would no longer use Zhang Fakui.Even after the war ended, Zhang fakui was appointed to sinecure posts by Chiang Kai-shek.As a general, Zhang Fakui was undoubtedly excellent and successful.Under him came five marshals and six generals.However, due to his unstable political stance in his later years, he chose the wrong way and gradually ended up on the political stage.