Wuhu became the second city of Anhui, Anqing said it could not accept

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Say nothing, look at the picture, the picture was taken in the street of Wuhu, it is clear that Wuhu is going to be a sub-central city of the province.In fact, it is, what to say, from the beginning of the Wanjiang city belt, people have been dual-core positioning.Personally, I think Anqing is really wang Xiao two New Year’s Day, year after year worse, back to Anqing still no change, really disappointing.Now there are few cities like Anqing that have not changed at all in more than ten years. I feel very sorry!Anqing has obvious development or wei Yu combination and Wei Chen combination of these two sessions, now the double combination obviously pull crotch!Everyone came as a springboard to anqing this, embroidery, of course, maybe, chuzhou developed a few years ago, more than their investment promotion and capital introduction, wuhu team this session of ling island is severe, how many teams all over the country to investment promotion, all kinds of new welfare policy, is not the same, every month has mornings, entrepreneur leadership can apply for to participate in the whole city,Ask questions directly and solve them on the spot.That boldness is not a lie!Anhui province on the whole so little capital, which can put a number of baskets, a Hefei are not enough to eat, let alone other places, no matter how, their efforts to self-reliance is more important, the lack of is really want to do a good job in Anqing!# Anqing Headlines #