Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and provincial government sent a letter of congratulations to Su Yiming for winning the gold medal in the Winter Olympics

2022-04-30 0 By

On February 15, shanxi provincial Party Committee and provincial government sent a congratulatory letter to Su Yiming, a shanxi athlete, for winning the gold medal in the snowboard big jump event at the Beijing Winter Olympics.The Chinese sports delegation of Beijing Winter Olympic Games: Su Yiming, a member of Shandong Province, won the gold medal of snowboard big jump with 182.5 points after winning the silver medal of snowboard slopestyle on February 7th, again winning the honor for the motherland.On behalf of 35 million shanxi people, we would like to extend warm congratulations and high respect to the Chinese sports delegation, the China Ice and Snow Team and Su Yiming.Su Yi excellent performance at the winter Olympic Games, has realized the personal career and a major breakthrough, and vivid interpretation of the Chinese sports spirit, carry forward the “faster, higher, stronger, more unity” of the Olympic motto, will inspire the shanxi people’s go further, new journey, forge new era in the development of high quality all-round constantly achieve new breakthroughs.At present, the Winter Olympic Games competition is in full swing, China’s ice and snow athletes are making good news.I sincerely wish the Chinese sports delegation continued efforts and more brilliant achievements!CPC Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Shanxi Provincial People’s Government February 15, 2022