Prosperity!The neijiang community has won national honors

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In recent days,
General Office of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security
The fifth batch of state-level communities with full employment was released
Neijiang City, Yuxi Street, Xianglong community
Approved national full employment community!According to the notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on The Recommendation and Identification of the Fifth Batch of National Full Employment Communities, local governments organized and carried out the fifth batch of national full employment communities recommendation according to the prescribed standards and procedures.It is reported that the fifth batch of 387 national full employment communities approved by the municipal recommendation, provincial review, experts review, and public to the community after the final decision.
In recent years, Xianglong Community, Yuxi Street, Shizhong District, Neijiang City has actively carried out publicity and consultation on human resources and social security laws, regulations and policies;To be responsible for accepting employment registration, unemployment registration application and preliminary examination, and take charge of daily management of registered unemployed;Collect and release employment information, provide employment guidance, employment introduction, rural labor transfer employment and other employment services;To assist in the development of community jobs, recommend people with employment difficulties to public welfare jobs, and carry out activities to create communities with full employment;To investigate and manage the recipients of employment assistance, accept applications from recipients of employment assistance, assist in implementing employment support policies, and provide door-to-door assistance to recipients of employment assistance;Responsible for the social insurance related services for the insured;Assisted in labor dispute prevention, mediation and protection of workers’ rights and interests, won praise from all walks of life.

Full employment community is an important way to achieve more full and higher quality employment.In the following work, the employment department of human resources and Social Security of the city will further implement the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, attach great importance to the construction of the city’s full employment community, and bring the construction of the full employment community into the overall planning of neijiang city’s employment work;Further improve neijiang city full employment community accreditation standards and procedures, establish incentive mechanism;Strengthen dynamic management and carry out regular review;We will promptly summarize and disseminate typical experience, and give full play to the demonstration and leading role of communities with full employment.Draft: Zeng Lijun warm tips

Do not travel to affected areas.Citizens should pay close attention to the situation in China and refrain from going abroad, especially to cities where cases have been reported.After returning from a trip or business trip to other provinces, it is recommended to take a nucleic acid test and self-health monitoring for 14 days. In case of any uncomfortable symptoms such as fever or dry cough, go to the nearest fever clinic immediately.

Proactive vaccination against COVID-19.Eligible citizens should be fully vaccinated and immunized as soon as possible.Neijiang city has launched the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in full. Residents who have completed the whole process of COVID-19 vaccination with an interval of up to six months are requested to take COVID-19 vaccination in a timely and nearby way, so as to jointly build a nationwide immunization barrier.

Implement a healthy lifestyle.Consciously develop civilized, healthy and good habits, such as “washing hands frequently, frequent ventilation, less gathering, and one meter of noodles”, do not crowd, do not gather, and maintain a safe social distance.When entering and leaving public places, actively cooperate with temperature measurement, wear masks, check health code, travel card and other prevention and control measures.