Numerology marriage of men and women

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A new york-based family has set a new target for numerology marriages in the legendary gleason’s legendary wall.Weak day seal, wife and good.Sun set partial seal, wife virtuous and effective.A nobleman of the day, with a beautiful wife and prestige.Dry wang, is the wealth of wealth is also prosperous, rich and more concubines.Day branch for ziwu MAO you, master wife beauty.Day support for Chen xu ugly not, the Lord wife usually.Day support for Yin Shen Si hai, the Lord wife.When We return, the precious admire.The sun, your god, will be the wife of the nation.There are so many people in the world that they may become social figures.Dry flourishing day, see sheep blade heavily again, marriage edge is changeable.The woman saw the horse, the horse’s support of the official yuan has the day to kill, will marry far or foreign country.A man sees a horse in four columns, and the horse’s inner man, a star of fortune, will marry a woman far from home or a foreign country.Partial wealth and a concubine wins his wife;When wealth is high, a wife tolerates no concubine.When wealth is high, a wife tolerates no concubine.When a horse enters his wife’s house, he will have a good wife and a noble son, and he will marry the daughter of a stranger.Wealth seat post horse, and the Lord to marry the female.Lu into his wife’s palace, food wife lu.Xian Chi Lin day, because of his wife rich.When a man is rich and weak, he listens to his wife.In the middle of a family wealth, concubine concubine concubine.A good wife is a good one who gets help from within.Hurt the officer on the lu, wealth star to make, early to marry rich lady.He loves his wife more than his concubine.Rich and weak, divorced ancestors proposed.Injured officer restrained, stepdaughter for wife.Compared to rob Wang, there is food hurt wealth, the main wife.Wealth star from the seat of longevity, not rushed, wife long life.The sun is an official, his wife looks good, gentle and virtuous.It is better for your wife to manage your daily and household finances.The sun is just, the body is prosperous, the day on the support and the god of food wealth, the Lord its marriage is happy, can get virtuous lifelong partner, after marriage, family chang, reputation, easy fame and double income.Zhengcai case, body wang, hit and see zhengguan, the couple must be in harmony.A good wife is a good helper. For example, a good wife is a kind and generous person. She will be blessed and wise.Wealth wealth body strong, the Lord wife appearance can, there is help, and easy to get rich and expensive because of his wife.Day wealth, and wealth for the pleasure of the use of his wife’s wealth.The sun Lord is very weak, the blade of the sun, can get the help of his wife, and the Lord wife is smart, resourceful and wise, marriage is easy to be happy.Support god of Food, and for the eight character, and no strong injury officer restraint, master wife body hypertrophy, heart wide after the road, virtuous housekeeping.The support is official, and for the eight characters like to use, and no strong partial print restraint, the Lord wife looks thick, solemn and correct, gentle and virtuous, capable of housekeeping.Good wealth begets good officials, and if he likes to use it, he will help his wife, because she is valuable.The sun is weak, than the shoulder sun support, the Lord’s wife capable, much help.Body strong kill shallow, wealth star zi kill, the master wife xian and rich, or get his wife wealth.Strong officer light injury heavy, wealth star injury, the main wife xian and rich, or get his wife wealth.Wealth star weak, help wealth of food injury, the Lord wife.Wealth is weak than rob carry money to help the body, the Lord wife.Financial wound printing, there is an official xinghua financial health printing, master wife xian.Money for god and eternal life, Lord wife long life together.Fortune star to day b noble person, or a day b noble person, and this star is happy to use the eight characters, the main wife looks beautiful, endowed with sexual intelligence, and the main marry rich woman.Injury officer injury all branches have, no media since married.Sun husband star, and to use God, Lord husband big expensive, husband and wife harmony.God of Food is in the right place.Female life without killing, a expensive can be a lady.Official with peach blossom, as deep hospital husband.Hurt the official not to see the official, for a virtuous woman.The wise officer rides a horse, the husband is glorified, and the chest is full of gold.Fortune has gas, the husband to the old worry.Besides, there is also the informing command.Wealth of health officer, food without injury, your husband rongzi.Official food lu Wang, a seal helps, eventually favored.No money loss seal, day on two de, parents of money, recruit husband, turn auspicious.Ziwu MAO you, marry ziwu MAO you is better.The death of the robbery and sheep blade, day yi born luma township, color absolutely human chaste and clean.Seven kill to meet the position of eternal life, will marry your husband.Wealth official ribbon, will prosperous husband.Gusteau too much, can’t see husband star, chaste woman.Day on two de meet India, your wife for senior officials, the seal of the two countries.India wang official light, sitting in the hall to recruit a husband.Hurt the official injury, no official see wealth, will marry an old man as a concubine. -A clear kill every tomb, will match your husband.Kill the strong and the weak, divorce and marry the good man.A strong officer hurts a weak one.Peach blossom day, couples beautiful, romantic art.Injury officer injury all branches have, no media married.Seven kill have system meet three strange, one product of expensive (financial official seal is also all three strange). The God of Food alone, Ann and, have a son and life.Winter gold bureau, husband and wife Zhijian, broken arm liufang.He who gives up his life and kills, deserves a master.A man’s fortune is bad for his wife: a man’s fortune is bad for his wife, or his wife is disobedient to him.He who steals steals steals his wife.Wealth meets tomb, wife is sick or not good.Without a wife or a wife.Chen Xu ugly not all, gram spouse.Wealth officer all lost to death, halfway lost son Ke wife go away.His wife lost her star and left him halfway.When the fire is hot and the earth is dry, one must be alone.He who has a wife cannot stay.Wife palace uterus phase, ke wife damage son.Zhu Wang on The day, bearing sheep blade or Caizuo sheep blade on the day, his wife is strong and resolute, stubborn and irritable, because sheep cutting tools have transgression and destructive power, the husband and wife should not act on their emotions, otherwise the consequences will be serious.If money light robbery, husband and wife together eyebrow.Sun god and meet owl, Lord wife short weak or sick.Sun is the official was eating injury restraint, the main wife more sick.The main spouse is clever and talented. He has unique thoughts and likes to study philosophy and religion. He has a mind of being born and an attitude of self-admiration.Column a, b, C, D without interruption, adverse wife.Day blade evil spirit meet owl, halfway wife and children damage.Sun bath, beautiful wife, but avoid wrong.He who sends his wealth to his house must marry his daughter.A coward wife has a coward son.Wealth shuts off prison, wife late and son late.Wealth is heavy, prevent brother take his wife.Day seven kill, to avoid god, the Lord wife personality is too strong, easy to dispute between husband and wife.Wealth star than rob without aid, prevent his wife died by accident.Day for seven kill partial seal, wife much miscarriage.Than the king of the moon, young cry Chang ‘e.An old man dies twice without a wife.In the column, two pentanes are one decane, and they marry again and again.Four pillars pure Yang male must be solitary.The four pillars of pure female will be few.The marriage didn’t go well when Japan and China were at war.Is partial wealth much, lustful romantic, husband and wife discord.A male Indoc wife. More than robbery, later marriage is advantageous.Injury officer is obvious, mate selection conditions are high, easy to marry late.Owl god is obvious, easy to change marriage.An owl robbed many times and married late.Wealth is not obvious, easy to marry late.Heaven and dry, wife edge is changeable.Dry day has two wealth star to match, easy to have the hint of double wife.Kill heavy, rich, kill, wife is not good.The official uses the seal, the wealth star to destroy, the main wife is not effective.Zhengcai star is parallel or robbed money dry, only star from the bath or peach blossom, the main wife has adultery.Yin-yang error day, the Lord’s marriage is not good.Positive partial money fully, it implies that there will be two wives.Female life disadvantageous husband: female seal many prevent promiscuity.Caido needs careful restraint.Female official star more, injured husband main *. Official must rest in prison, widows cold.Female meet injury officer not far married, set kefu.Owl seal heavy, don’t die from the woman.The column has no official star, and does not serve as a concubine.In the column, the owl eats and hurts the officer, and the son dies and the husband dies.Decanese people wu is an official, young married baitou Lang, if you meet in the column, closed from the shoufang is still.Women without money official seal food, is not the old bitter for *. In the column many officials and bright, wealth fu wang and kill, will get wealth because of sexual affairs.The official light weight, sisters are strong, do not make partial defense for concubine.Death penalty empty officer kill, several marry endlessly.The sun blade every kill, not married is ni.More than rob, will contend for husband, and husband has no wife righteousness.Female indo, to the old childless.Injured officer wang, young bereaved husband.The clock is ticking, Kofko.He who has made a peace has made a bad marriage.Marriages don’t go well.It is difficult to have a seal on a canopy.No money, no seal, will be a servant before the hall.No food officials, no boudoir.The official kill too prosperous without system, the husband does not from his wife’s words, the husband is useless.The officer killed the weak and discouraged, the financial star powerless, the husband cowardly accomplishes nothing.The body is prosperous without official kill, lustful husband.Jia-in-rikoff. Wu-shen-rikoff.Money is too weak to help a husband.Many gods, unchaste woman.A constant peace makes fornication.Coveting money corrupts a seal, and is a wicked woman.Peach blossom upside down, bath naked shape, not for the maid, as Ni (year on peach blossom, the month when the three).When money fails, marry early.Water gather prosperous township, the daughter of flower street.The body is flourishing official fierce, the fini *. Gold god with armor, kefu.The ten evils are defeated.Peach blossom robbery evil spirit, less into the * door, the old beggar.Salty pool big consumption with palace, lewd and vicious.Female criminal bases you more, abort the child.Female life dry for injury officer, bearing peach blossom, marriage is not very happy.Female life peach blossom with close, appearance respect, romantic inside.Quigang, the punishment of the husband.Water makes many widows.Sun injury officer body and strong, kefu, so usually should be more restrained, soft as this, in order to obtain a happy marriage.Kill more from miscellaneous, is the official not to show, less money food printing, marriage is not good.The official killed many, the branch fu wealth, life with peach blossom, should be careful to make friends, to avoid changing.Life with peach blossom, dry together branch punishment, mind uncertain, lewd.When the canopy is raised, it may be a passing child or the fate of a widower.Bad marriage, subordinate up and take notice, have the following rhyme formulas: white (horse) never afraid of green (cattle), (sheep) (rat) meet once. (see snake) fierce (tiger) such as knife, (pigs) in apes (monkey) is not the end. (dragon) on the (rabbit) and to the clouds, gold (chicken) see tears exchange (dog).The following a few for the eight character marriage principle, can refer to.A. Life bureau than rob wang, appropriate to find the object of food injury wang;Life bureau officer kill wang, appropriate to find a seal owl wang object;Life bureau food injury wang, appropriate to find the object of wealth;Life bureau wealth, appropriate to find the officer to kill the object of prosperity;Life bureau seal owl wang, appropriate to find the object of wang than rob.Two. Life can balance each other, such as gold taiwang, should be matched with gold for the use of the eight.Three. If both eight word neutralization, no serious gram harm, and both dry and integrated as a whole for the joy of god, husband and wife can concentric body, grow old together.Four. If both day support without punishment chong gram harm, and combined into joy with God, also Lord husband and wife happy harmony.Both life palace do not rush, rush is unstable, character often can not phase and.