Let a person have a feeling of short sentences, clean and thorough, worth pondering!

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In the river of time, how many people are carving boats and seeking swords.In the river of time, how many people carve boats and seek swords.Don’t be satisfied with your knowledge, and don’t overlook your mistakes.Don’t be satisfied with the depth of knowledge and ignore the small mistakes.I never stop because I don’t want to fall behind.If you complain too much, you will be annoyed by yourself and others.This era will not stop you from shining, but you can’t cover anyone’s light.From a distance, everyone looks very kind.Desire holds the cage, while the world rules the soul.Desire imprisons the cage, and the secular dominates the soul.Little things can be incredibly romantic.Little things can also be extremely romantic.You can only see the autumn in front of You a personal mood to the end, is silence.When a person’s mood comes to an end, it is silence.You need to look good and be safe.You should be shining and safe at the same time.On the wrong road, backward is forward.On the wrong road, retreat is advance.Maturity is less love, more self-knowledge.Maturity is less self love and more self-knowledge.Wear what you like and spend time with people who aren’t tired.Wear clothes you like and get along with people who are not tired.For more exciting content, come to yan Ran